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Latest update: September 2017
Based on information available for the country section reports will also be available for aircraft types and by manufacturer. A number of aircraft are build in large quantities so these might only contain partial order and delivery reports.
Fighter / Attack Bomber Transport & AAR Reconnaissance Trainer Helicopter
A-10 Thunderbolt II B-1B Lancer A310MRTT E-3 AWACS (Sentry) Hawk AW101 (Merlin)
EF-2000 Typhoon B-2A Spirit A330MRTT E-6 M-345 AW139
F-4 Phantom II B-21A Raider A-400M (Atlas / Grizzly) E-8 JSTAR M-346 Master AW159 (Wildcat)
F-5 Freedom Fighter B-52 Stratofortress An-26 Curl P-3 Orion PC-7 Bell 429
F-15 (Strike) Eagle   C-5 Galaxy P-8 Poseidon PC-9 CH-47 Chinook
F-16 Fighting Falcon   C-9 Nightingale   PC-21 CH-53
F/A-18 (Super) Hornet   KC-10A Extender   T-6 Texan II AH-64 Apache
F-22 Raptor   C-17A Globemaster III   T-38 Talon H135
F-35 Lightning II   C-21   T-50 H145
JAS-39 Gripen   C-23 Sherpa   T-X Lynx
Mig-29 Fulcrum   C-26     NH90
Mirage 2000   C-27J Spartan     Tiger (Tigre)
Rafale   C-40 Clipper     V-22 Osprey
Tornado   KC-46A Pegasus      
    C-130 (Super) Hercules *      
    C-135 Stratotanker *      
    C-141 Starlifter      
    C-160 Transall      

The C-130 (Super) Hercules contains subsections for the various Hercules variants (C-130A, C-130B, C-130E, C-130H,
C-130J and L-100).

The C-135 Stratotanker/lifter contains subsections for the various C-135 variants (C-135, EC-135, KC-135, NC-135, OC-135,
RC-135, WC-135).

The CH-53 contains one subsection for the CH-53K.
Order and production overview - by manufacturer
*Under Construction*
For the aircraft manufacturers below order and delivery reports are available. Please note that it will not include all aircraft and/or helicopters build by these companies or their predecesors but only list the aircraft of current ordered and delivered aircraft.
Manufacturer A - M Manufacturer N - Z
Airbus Defence & Space Pilatus
Boeing Defence Saab
Lockheed Martin  
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