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F-35 Lightning II
Latest update: June 2018

Company: Lockheed Martin
Press released from the company or MoDs often state designation (reference) numbers for instance AF-100. These numbers are unique per aircraft and refer to the model and its operator.

Abrr. Operator
USAF United States Air Force
ItAF Italian Air Force
RNoAF Royal Norwegian Air Force
RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force
IDF/AF Israeli Defence Force / Air Force
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
JASDF Japanese Air Self Defence Force
ROKAF Republic of Korea Air Force (South Korea)
TUAF Turkish Air Force
USMC United States Marine Corps
RAF Royal Air Force
Marina Italian Navy
USN United States Navy
F-35 designation (reference / construction) numbers: Test and Development aircraft
Apart from the production aircraft the test & development phase of the Lightning II program included static test aircraft and flight test aircraft.

Six static airframes have been build as well as 14 test and development aircraft: one original test aircraft 'AA-1' was withdrawn from use after three years of service flying 91 missions (the aircraft was relocated to NAS China Lake, California where it will be used as live-fire target), four F-35As (AF-1 to AF-4), five F-35B (BF-1 to BF-5) and three F-35C (CF-1 to CF-3. CF-4 was not used and CF-5 cancelled).

Country Operator Aircraft Ref. no. First Last Comment
United States Lockheed Martin F-35A AA AA-1   Flight test aircraft.
      AF AF-1 AF-4 Test & Development aircraft.
      AG AG-1   Static test aircraft.
      AJ AJ-1   Full Airframe Durability Test Article.
United States Lockheed Martin F-35B BF BF-1 BF-5 Test & Development aircraft.
      BH BH-1   Static test aircraft.
United States Lockheed Martin F-35C CF CF-1 CF-5 Test & Development aircraft.
      CJ CJ-1   Static test aircraft.
F-35 designation (reference / construction) numbers: Production aircraft
Country Operator Aircraft Ref. no.
United States USAF F-35A AF
Italy ItAF F-35A AL
Norway RNoAF F-35A AM
Netherlands RNLAF F-35A AN
Israel IDF/AF F-35A AS
Turkey TUAF F-35A AT
Australia RAAF F-35A AU
Japan JASDF F-35A AX
South Korea ROKAF F-35A AW
United States USMC F-35B BF
United Kingdom RAF F-35B BK
Italy Marina F-35A BL
United States USN F-35C CF
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