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United States Army - USAr
Latest update: November 2017
The United States Army (USAr) aviation elements are composed of active duty and Army National Guard components.

The 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) is based in Germany with its regiments operating from different US Army bases. On a rotational basis CONUS based divisions are deployed to Europe as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

Operation Atlantic Resolve:

Feb '17 - Oct '17: 10th Mountain Division, 10th CAB Fort Drum, New York deployed to Europe with its regiments based in Germany as well as a number of Eastern European countries. Attached to 10th CAB was 1-501 AVN based at Fort Bliss, Texas.

'Oct 17 - Jul ' 18: 1st Air Cavalry Brigade Fort Hood, Texas.

Due to the large number of aircraft and helicopters operated an order and delivery report is currently not available.
Photo gallery
C-12U-3 from 1-214 AVN landing at Schiphol in January 2017. C-12(?) Beech 3000LW on arrival at Eindhoven in November 2015. UC-35A from 1-214 AVN at Schiphol in March 2017.
CH-47F from B/3-10 GSAB at Eindhoven in October 2017. UH-60A from 1-214 AVN at Rotterdam in March 2014. UH-60L from A/3-10 AHB at Eindhoven in October 2017.

HH-60M from C/3-10 GSAB at Eindhoven in October 2017. AH-64D from C/1-501 AVN at Eindhoven in October 2017.  
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