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Exercises and Reports
Latest update: July 2018
The exercises and report section will feature a number of items:

Specials: Air to Air photo gallery and photo gallery aircraft with special (anniversary) color schemes.
Monthly / Quarterly reports: Monthly update of the 309th AMARG aircraft inventory in aircraft numbers.
  Quarterly update of NATO squadrons assigned with Air Policing Missions.
Aircraft orders and deliveries: Quarterly update of aircraft orders and deliveries by the manufacturers listed.
Defence budgets / reviews: Budgetted aircraft purchases or multi year plans (aircraft, squadrons).
Procurement, deployment 2018 Under construction.
Exercises and reports Articles and/or photo galleries of exercises, aviation events etc for countries listed.
Museum / Preserved Under construction.
Year review: Photographic year review of the listed years with background information.

Air-to-Air photo gallery Special color schemes
Monthly or Quarterly updates
309th AMARG NATO Air Policing Mission US Army Operation Atlantic Resolve
Aircraft orders & deliveries (reports by quarter)
Airbus D&S Boeing Lockheed Martin
A400M Deliveries   F-35 Deliveries
Defence budgets and Stategic Defence and Security Reviews (SDRC):
Netherlands United Kingdom
United States    
NATO Procurements and DSCA approved sales
NATO MMF Program (A330MRTT) DSCA Approved and FMS orders NATO / EUR Fighter replacements
United States Air Force deployments 2018
USAF deployments Europe 2018
Exercises and reports
Belgium Germany Netherlands
Poland United States European Air Transport Command
Museum / Preserved
Netherlands Poland
Day at the fence 2018
Schiphol 2018 Volkel and Eindhoven Feb. 14 Leeuwarden Mar. 15
Year reviews
Year review 2017 Year review 2016