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Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course 2014
Latest update: September 2015
The Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course 2014 (CJPRSC) was held at Florennes Air Base in Southern Belgium. Supporting the helicopters were Belgian Air Component F-16s and Italian Air Force AMX.
Country Aircraft Squadron
Belgium A-109BA 1 Wing
  F-16AM/BM 2 Wing
France EC725 EH 01.067
  SA342M 3e RHC?
Italy AB.212AM 9 Stormo
  AMX-ACOL 51 Stormo
Poland Mi-24V 56 BLOT
  W-3PL 56 BLOT
Spain AS332B Esc. 803
Host nation Belgium provided F-16s supporting the helicopters. EC725 Caracal used by France for CSAR missions. ALAT (French Army aviation) Gazelle can be used in the scout role.
Italian Air Force AB.212 for troop inserting and extraction mission.  The Italian Air Force AMX also provided air cover.  Polish Army Hind attack helicopter. 
Polish Army W-3PL   Spanish Air Force AS332 Puma   
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