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DSCA FMS Approved and actual FMS orders
Latest update: February 2018
The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) approves foreign military sales (FMS) of aircraft, engines, weapons, support equipment, training etc. It delivers its documents (approval) to the US Congress who will make the decisions if they requested aircraft (and other items) will be delivered to the requesting country. The next step will be they actual order which can be made through the FMS system or a direct commercial sale.

Below overviews are based on the DSCA FMS approvals for 2017 and 2018 and the actual ordered aircraft.
DSCA date: Country: Aircraft: New / Reman. Status No. requested FMS date: No. ordered
21-02-18 Kuwait King Air 350ER "ISR" New To be contracted 4   0
20-02-18 Netherlands AH-64E Reman. To be contracted 28   0
18-01-18 Belgium F-35A New To be contracted 34   0
Total 2018         66 0
New   38
Reman. 28
Used   0


Is in the process of selection a new fighter to replace its current F-16s. 34 aircraft are to be bought with the Lockheed-Martin F-35 and Eurofighter consortium EF-2000 (Typhoon) being the remaining contenders.


Has a requirement to upgrade its current fleet of 28 AH-64Ds which have been brought to Block II standard.
Photo gallery

F-35A Royal Netherlands Air Force. Shadow R.1 (King Air 350) RAF. AH-64D Royal Netherlands Air Force.
DSCA date: Country: Aircraft: New / Reman. Status No. requested FMS date: No. ordered
23-10-17 Czech Republic UH-1Y New To be contracted 12     0
17-10-17 Greece F-16V Reman. To be contracted 123   0
12-09-17 Canada F/A-18E New Cancelled 10   0
    F/A-18F New Cancelled 8   0
08-09-17 Bahrein F-16V New To be contracted 19   0
      Reman. To be contracted 20   0
03-08-17 Nigeria A-29 New To be contracted 12   0
26-06-17 Australia G-550 "AISREW" New To be contracted 5   0
  India C-17A New To be contracted 1   0
02-05-17 Kenya MD 530F New To be contracted 12   0
28-04-17 Greece CH-47D Used To be contracted 5   0
  New Zealand P-8A New To be contracted 4   0
  Slovakia Bell 429 New To be contracted 9   0
  Kenya AT- 802L New Not taken up 12   0
    AT-504 New Not taken up 2   0
Total 2017         254 0
New   106
Reman. 143
Used   5


Requested five G550AISEW (Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Electronic Warfare) aircraft.


Requested the sale of 19 new build F-16Vs as well as an upgrade of its current 20 F-16C/Ds.


Canada intended to purchase the Super Hornets as interim meassure until it had selected a new fighter to replace its current CF-188(B) fleet. However as a result of disputes between Boeing (F/A-18) and Canadian aircraft manfucturer Bombardier the F/A-18E/F purchase has been cancelled.

Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic has a requirement to replace its current fleet of Mi-17 and Mi-24/35 helicopters.


Requested the upgrade of 123 of its F-16C/Ds to F-16V.


Status of its request to purchase the Air Tractors unknown. Reported two deadlines to contract the aircraft have passed. Therefore listed as order not taken up.

New Zealand:

New Zealand has a requirement to replace its current six P-3s.


Aircraft to be used against terrorists.

Photo gallery
Greek Air Force F-16C to be upgraded to the F-16V standard. Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 to be replaced by a new fighter. Italian Air Force G550CAEW with Australia requesting the G550AISREW