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European Air Transport Command (EATC) squadrons
Latest update: February 2018
The European Air Transport Command (EATC) plans and executes Air Transport, Air Refuelling, Medevac and VIP transport for its member nations. These nations transfered operational control of its units (squadron or wings) and (part of) its transport, refuelling/MRTT and VIP fleet. EATC was founded by Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands on September 1, 2010 and has it's headquarters at Eindhoven Air Base in The Netherlands.
EATC member nations
Member nations: EATC member since:
Belgium 01.09.2010
France 01.09.2010
Germany 01.09.2010
Italy 04.12.2014
Luxembourg 22.11.2012
The Netherlands 01.09.2010
Spain 03.07.2014

There are currently no other EU / NATO countries who have applied to join the EATC. On behalf of its members approximately 200 aircraft are assigned to the EATC (see details).
EATC assigned squadrons, wings and aircraft
Country Wing Squadron Aircraft No. a/c Base
Belgium 15 Wing Luchttransport 20 Smaldeel C-130H 10 Melsbroek
Belgium 15 Wing Luchttransport 21 Smaldeel A321 1 Melsbroek
Belgium 15 Wing Luchttransport 21 Smaldeel ERJ-135 2 Melsbroek
Belgium 15 Wing Luchttransport 21 Smaldeel ERJ-145 2 Melsbroek
Belgium 15 Wing Luchttransport 21 Smaldeel Falcon 900B 1 Melsbroek
France ET 3/60 "Esterel" BR224 A310.304 3 Creil
France ET 3/60 "Esterel" BR227 A340.211 2 Creil
France ET 1/61 "Touraine"   A400M 13 Orléans
France ET 2/61 "Franche-Comté"   C-130H 5 Orléans
France ET 2/61 "Franche-Comté"   C-130H.30 9 Orléans
France ET 2/61 "Franche-Comté"   C-130J   Orléans
France ET 1/62 "Vercors"   CN235-200 19 Creil
France ET 3/62 "Ventoux"   CN235-300 8 Creil
France ET 1/64 "Béarn"   C-160R 8 Evreux
France ET 2/64 "Anjou"   C-160R 8 Evreux
Germany LTG 62   A400M 15 Wunstorf
Germany LTG 63   C-160D 26 Hohn
Germany BMVg   A310MRTT 5 Koln-Bonn
Italy 14° Stormo 8° Gruppo KC-767A 4 Practica di Mare
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 2° Gruppo C-130J 9 Pisa
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 2° Gruppo C-130J.30 10 Pisa
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 2° Gruppo KC-130J 1 Pisa
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 50° Gruppo C-130J   Pisa
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 50° Gruppo C-130J.30   Pisa
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 50° Gruppo KC-130J   Pisa
Italy 46° Brigata Aerea 98° Gruppo C-27J 7 Pisa
Netherlands   334 Squadron G-IV 1 Eindhoven
Netherlands   334 Squadron KDC-10 4 Eindhoven
Netherlands   336 Squadron C-130H 2 Eindhoven
Netherlands   336 Squadron C-130H.30 2 Eindhoven
Spain Ala 31 311 Esc. C-130H 4 Zaragoza
Spain Ala 31 311 Esc. C-130H.30 1 Zaragoza
Spain Ala 31 312 Esc. KC-130H 5 Zaragoza
Spain Ala 31 312 Esc. A400M 1 Zaragoza
Spain Ala 35 353 Esc. C-295M 13 Madrid - Getafe


Ordered seven A400Ms with the delivery of the first aircraft planned in 2019. The A400Ms will replace the C-130H Hercules. In December 2017 the first Hercules was withdrawn from service. The C-130s will be gradually withdrawn from service.


Its first of four C-130J Super Hercules - which completed its delivery flight to Orléans in December 2017 - was formally accepted into service in January 2018. The C-130J.30 will be transferred to operational control of the EATC after the French Air Force has completed its certification process.
The C-160R Transall is withdrawn from service. 16 aircraft are assigned to EATC with two squadrons of ET 064 operating the aircraft. These have been equally divided between the units in the table above.


LTG 62 will be the assigned all German Air Force A400Ms. It was the first transport wing to withdraw the C-160D Transall from service. It was followed by LTG 61 which disbanded at the end of 2017 with its C-160s reassigned to LTG 63. The later itself will be disbanded in 2021.

The BMVg operates five A310s of which four as A310MRTT. These will be replaced by the A330MRTT which are purchased together with the member of the NATO Multinational Multi Role Tanker Transport Fleet (MMF) program.


Two squadrons are assigned to 46° Brigata Aerea, all aircraft assigned to EATC are listed to 2° Gruppo in above table as the breakdown of the Hercules with 50° Gruppo is unknown.


The country doesn't operate aircraft however it contributes financially. Luxembourg bought one A400M together with Belgium which should be delivered during 2019. Together with The Netherlands it was the first partner of the MMF program ordering two aircraft which will be delivered in 2020.


Lead nation for the MFF program which will see its two KDC-10s withdrawn from service on 2020/2021 with the first new A330MRTTs entering service from 2020.
The sole G-IV will be withdrawn from service at December 31, 2018.


Purchased the A400M to replace its C-130 fleet. Its first aircraft was delivered in 2016. For Air-to-Air refuelling it relies on the KC-130H after its B-707 tankers were withdrawn from service. Its second A400M was delivered in AAR configuration which will replace the KC-130 in due course.
Based on the information on the website of the EATC 11 C-130s are operational. The Spanish Air Force operated 13 Hercules aircraft: seven C-130H, one C-130H.30 and five KC-130H. One Hercules was written off and two are reported withdrawn from use which result in the 10 C-130s listed in the table above.

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A310 French Air Force A310MRTT German Air Force A321 Belgian Air Component
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CN235 French Air Force   C-295M Spanish Air Force  ERJ-135 Belgian Air Component
ERJ-145 Belgian Air Component Falcon 900 Belgian Air Component G-IV Royal Netherlands Air Force 
KDC-10 Royal Netherlands Air Force  KC-767A Italian Air Force