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European Air Transport Command (EATC) squadrons
Published: January 2016
The European Air Transport Command plans and executes Air Transport, Air Refuelling, Medevac and VIP transport for its member nations. These nations transfered operational control of its units (squadron or wings) and (part of) its transport, refuelling/MRTT and VIP fleet. EATC was founded by Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands on September 1, 2010 and has it's headquarters at Eindhoven Air Base in The Netherlands.
EATC member nations
Member nations: EATC member since:
Belgium September 1, 2010
France September 1, 2010
Germany September 1, 2010
Italy December 4, 2014
Luxembourg November 22, 2012
The Netherlands September 1, 2010
Spain July 3, 2014
EATC squadron, wing and aircraft
In the period 2016 - 2020 a number of changes will occur in both the unit structure as well as aircraft.

Belgium and Luxembourg: ordered eight A400Ms (Belgium 7, Luxembourg 1). Belgium will withdraw its C-130H Hercules fleet for Luxembourg first purchase of an aircraft (together with Belgium). First aircraft to be delivered from 2018 (based on the original Airbus D&S A400M delivery planning).

France: will restructure its transport fleet. The Evreux units will move to Orleans and be equipped with the A400M and its current C-160 Transalls will be withdrawn from service. The Creil units will move to Evreux.

Germany: LTG 62 will be the only wing to operate the A400M. LTG 61 and LTG 63 will be disbanded respectively 2018 and 2021 with its Transalls withdrawn from use.

Netherlands: The KDC-10 will be withdrawn from service after an MRTT together with Norway and Poland has been purchased.

Spain: The B-707 will be withdrawn from use. Its first A400M is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2016.
Country Squadron, wing Air Base Aircraft
Belgium 20 smaldeel Melsbroek C-130H Hercules
  21 smaldeel Melsbroek A321, Falcon 20, Falcon 900, ERJ-135, ERJ-145
France ET 3/60 "Esterel" Creil A310, A340
  ET 1/61 "Touraine" Orléans A400M
  ET 2/61 "Franche-Comté" Orléans C-130H, C-130H.30 Hercules
  ET 1/62 "Vercors" Creil CN235
  ET 3/62 "Ventoux" Creil CN235
  ET 1/64 "Béarn" Evreux C-160 Transall
  ET 2/64 "Anjou" Evreux C-160 Transall
Germany LTG 61 Landsberg C-160D Transall
  LTG 62 Wunstorf A400M
  LTG 63 Hohn C-160D Transall
  BMVg Cologne-Wahn A310MRTT, A310PAX
Italy  14° Stormo Practica di Mare KC-767A
  2° Gruppo, 46° Brigata Aerea Pisa C-130J, C-130J.30 Super Hercules
  50° Gruppo, 46° Brigata Aerea Pisa C-130J, C-130J.30 Super Hercules
  98° Gruppo, 46° Brigata Aerea Pisa C-27J Spartan
The Netherlands 334 Squadron Eindhoven G-IV, KDC-10
  336 Squadron Eindhoven C-130H, C-130H.30 Hercules
Spain 47 Gruppo Torrejón B-707
  Ala 31 Zaragoza C-130H, KC-130H Hercules
  Ala 35 Getafe C-295M
A310 French Air Force A310MRTT German Air Force A321 Belgian Air Component
A400M French Air Force C-27J Italian Air Force C-130H Royal Netherlands Air Force
C-130J.30 Italian Air Force  C-160D German Air Force  CN235 French Air Force 
C-295M Spanish Air Force ERJ-135 Belgian Air Component ERJ-145 Belgian Air Component
Falcon 20 Belgian Air Component  Falcon 900 Belgian Air Component G-IV Royal Netherlands Air Force 
KDC-10 Royal Netherlands Air Force  KC-767A Italian Air Force    
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