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Falcon Autumn 2018
Latest update: August 2018
11 Air Mobile Brigade (Royal Netherlands Army) annually organizes a series of Falcon named exercises. From Wednesday September 26 until Wednesday October 10 it will host exercise Falcon Autumn.
(Expected) exercise participants
Country: Aircraft: a/c no. Squadron / Wing: Airbase:
Belgium F-16AM 2 2 or 10 Tactical Wing Florennes or Kleine-Brogel
Netherlands AH-64D 6 301 squadron Gilze-Rijen
Netherlands CH-47D/F 4 298 squadron Gilze-Rijen
Germany Tornado 2 TLG 33 or TLG 51 Buchel or Schleswig-Jagel
Germany NH90 6 THR 10 Fassberg
Netherlands C-130H(.30) 1 336 squadron Eindhoven
Germany C-160 1 LTG 63 Hohn
Total aircraft:   22

The exercise locations are spread out over The Netherlands (middle, east and north) with Military Aviation Terrain Deelen hosting the majority of the participants*:

Province Drenthe: City of Assen and Coevorden.
Province Friesland: Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen.
Province Gelderland: Veluwe low flying area's (Ederheide, Ginkelse heide, Ermelose heide en Stroese heide) and Terwolde.
Province Groningen: Zoutkamp and Marnewaard.
Province Overijssel: Twente former air base (October 3 - 5 mainly in the evening and night).
Province Utrecht: military training facilities / low flying area's Leusderheide and Vlasakker.

Below data from several (online) regional news agencies:

Day Date Location Comment
Wednesday 26-09-18    
Thursday 27-09-18    
Friday 28-09-18    
Monday 01-10-18    
Tuesday 02-10-18 Coevorden Assault military complex Coevorder kanaal.
Wednesday 03-10-18 Coevorden Assault military complex Coevorder kanaal.
Thursday 04-10-18 Enschede Twente airfield (mainly evening and night).
Friday 05-10-18 Enschede Twente airfield (mainly evening and night).
Monday 08-10-18 Marnewaard FARP at Assen, oefenterrein De Haar
Tuesday 09-10-18 Marnewaard FARP at Assen, oefenterrein De Haar
Wednesday 10-10-18 Marnewaard FARP at Assen, oefenterrein De Haar

FARP: Forward Arming and Refuelling Point.

* Transport aircraft operating from Eindhoven Air Base. Unknown from which air base the fighters will operate.
Photo gallery (reference expected participant)
Belgian Air Component F-16AM during Frisian Flag at Leeuwarden 2017. German Air Force Tornado ECR during NTM 2014 at Schleswig-Jagel. German army NH90-TTH with sling load during training at MLT Deelen 2018.
German Air Force Transall during Market Garden commemoration 2015.
Ginkelse Heide September 19, 2015.
C-130H.30 from 336 squadron during Falcon Leap at Houtdorperveld September 14, 2016. 11 AMB exercise Frostfire February 2016.

  Apache at Eindhoven October 27, 2017.