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Schiphol 2018
Latest update: February 2018
Schiphol is the main airport in The Netherlands with six runways. Five are used by the commercial airliners. The sixth runwat is located at Schiphol Oost and used by general aviation.
Depending of traffic two or three runways are available. During peek inbound traffic two runways are used for arrivals and one for departures. Peek outbound traffic will see two runways assigned for departures and one for arrivals. Furthermore runway usage is dominated by noise reduction meassures avoiding villages and cities around the airport.

Schiphol occasionally receives military traffic related to state visits, visits made by ministers of other countries, training (navigation) flights or as refuelling stop. Depending on the size of the aircraft these flights are assigned to one of the runways. Helicopters and business jet type aircraft are normally assigned to runway 04-22 (Schiphol Oost) and parked on that apron. The same can apply to Hercules type aircraft however they can also be assigned to an arrival runway in use. The larger aircraft are all lined up between the commercial airliners.
January 2018
Polish Air Force B-737 on its first visit to Schiphol, January 9.
The Polish Air Force is in the process of acquiring new aircraft to fulfill its VIP transport duty. Two Gulfstream G550s have been delivered in 2017. Three Boeing B-737s (two BBJ2 and one B-737-800) are ordered with the B-737-800 delivered on November 15, 2017. All aircraft will be operated by 1 BLT at Warsaw. The new aircraft replaced the Embraer ERJ-175s leased from LOT Polish airlines whom also provided the crews from 2010. Until 2010 the Polish Air Force operated the Yak-40 and Tu-154M in the VIP transportation role but all operational aircraft were withdrawn from use after the crash of a Tu-154M near Smolensk, Russia killing the Polish president and 95 other people on board the plane.
Last year the first G550 visited Schiphol with the B-737-800 following on January 9th.

Please visit the Poland for more information related to aircraft ordered and delivered by the Polish armed forces.
February 2018
RAF Hercules C.5 visiting Schiphol on February 11.
The Royal Air Force Hercules fleet is based at RAF Brize-Norton. All the C-130s are operated by 24, 30 and 47 squadrons and drawn from the pool of aircraft available for missions.
In the past the RAF Hercules were 'frequent' visitors at Schiphol but for a longer period they were absent. In the weekend of February 10 and 11 they were back with one Hercules visiting each day. The aircraft one the 10th landed and then immediately taxied for departure. On Sunday its colleague was parked at the Romeo apron.

Please visit the United Kingdom for more information related to aircraft ordered and delivered by the UKs air arms.