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USAF deployments Europe 2018
Latest update: January 2018
Depl. No. Deployment Wing Squadron Aircraft A/C no. Base Country From to
1 Theater integration 5th BW   B-52H 5 RAF Fairford United Kingdom 09-01-18  
2 TSP 112th FS 180th FW F-16C/D 12 Amari Estonia 14-01-18  

More information about USAF squadrons and wings can be found here.

TSP: Theater Security Package in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Deployments are conducted for a period of six months (ANG F-15 squadrons and once an ACC A-10C squadron) or shorter periods - two week to four weeks (ACC F-22A and F-35A squadrons).

1: 5th BW deployed with aircraft of both 23rd BS and 69th BS. Conducting theater intergration and flying training.
2: Deployment period not communicated.
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