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Military aviation news: November 2015
Nov 29:

The Boeing Defence C-17A Globemaster III was build at the Long Beach California plant. 279 transport aircraft were ordered by the United States (223 operational, 1 test aircraft and 2 static aircraft) and 8 internal customers. Today the company announced the last C-17 left Long Beach marking the end of production at this facility. N275ZD (C/N F275) was the last Globemaster to leave. It performed a fly-by over Long Beach before heading to the Boeing Boeing facility at San Antonio Texas which is also known as Kelly AFB. In February 2016 the aircraft will be delivered to the Air Force of Qatar. When departing to its new temporarily home it already featured the roundel of the Qatari Air Force as well as its code MAN.
C-17A Australian Air Force

Nov 26:

Wednesday morning November 25th a F-16C conducting a training mission over the White Sands Missile Range crashed. The student pilot who successfully ejected from its aircraft and was brought to a local medical facility. Operating out of Holloman AFB New Mexico the 54th Fighter Group operates the 311th and 314th Fighter Squadrons with the pilot being assigned to 314th FS. The 54th FG itself is a tenant unit reporting to the 56th Fighter Wing based at Luke AFB, Arizona. The 56th FW is assigned F-16 and F-35 pilot training.

The German Air Force will provide assistance to the French Air Force operating over Syria. After the terror attacks in Paris the French government asked its European Union partners for help fighting terrorist groups. Germany will provide one A310MRTT refuelling aircraft. The A310MRTT is equipped with two drogue/host refuelling pods under its wings and capable of refuelling French fighter aircraft. Furthermore Tornadoes will be deployed operating in a reconnaissance role.

German AF A310MRTT German AF Tornado ECR

Nov 24:

Two crashes reported today.

A Russian Air Force Su-24 Fencer operated over Syria and nearby the Turkish border was shoot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon. The Sukhoi operates together with other Russian fighter, fighter-bomber and helicopters from the coastal city of Latakia.
At 17.00 NATO will hold a meeting at its headquarters in Brussels to discuss the shotdown of the Russian aircraft.

On Monday evening November 23rd a US Army UH-60 Black Hawk crashed on the range complex of Ft. Hood, Texas. Four cremmembers were killed in the incident. The helicopter was conducting routine training when it crashed 10 minutes after sunset around 05.49 PM CT. Responding rescue crews dispayched to the location of the crash discovered the bodies. A board of inquiry will be assigned to investigate the crash.

Nov 12:

The 48th FW deployed six of its F-15E Strike Eagles to Incirlik Air Base Turkey which is operated by the 492nd and 494th FS. Photo's supporting the news release show the 492nd FS as the deploying squadron. Already deployed to the same base is sister squadron 493rd with six of its F-15C Eagles.

Nov 11:

The DSCA (US Defense Security Cooperation Agency) approved a possible sale of four Lockheed Martin Super Hercules to the French Air Force. After approval by US Congress the deal can be concluded with the manufacturer. Two C-130Js will be bought for transport missions with two KC-130Js to be used for air-to-air refueling. KC-130Js are in use with the US Marine Corps and able to refuel helicopters.

The government of the Netherlands decided to delay the purchase of four MQ-9 Reapers as it's not included in the 2016 budget for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The DSCA approved the sale in February 2015 with the aircraft to be based at Leeuwarden.

Nov 10:

Lockheed Martin received a contract modernization for the fiscal year (FY) 2014 Super Hercules. 17 aircraft are ordered with the following breakdown in aircraft models: 6 C-130J.30 ; one HC-130J, nine MC-130J, one KC-130J. The order is to be completed by April 30, 2020.

On April 21, 2015 an AC-130J assigned to the 413th Flight Test Squadron, 96th Test Wing based at Eglin AFB Florida departed controlled flight and when recovered made a safe landing. The aicraft has now been withdrawn from use as a result of exceeding the design limit load.

Nov 9:

Lockheed Martin received a contract modification for an advanced acquisition contract for the procurement of additional long-lead time items necessary for the manufacture and delivery LRIP 10 and LRIP F-35A Lightning II aircraft. LRIP 10 is allocated to the USAF with LRIP 11 containing the Royal Netherlands Air Force aircraft. Earlier in 2015 the Dutch government approved an order for eight Lightnings.

Nov 7:

493th Fighter Squadron, 48th Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath UK deployed six of its F-15C Eagles to Incirlik Air base Turkey on November 6. The Turkish government asked for support to protect its airspace. The Eagles will conduct Combat Air Patrol (CAP) missions.

Nov 6:

Two rescue squadrons based at RAF Lakenheath United Kingdom will be reassigned to Aviano Air Base in Italy. The move will take place in FY 2017 and involve 56th RQS with five HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters and 57th RQS with approximately 350 personnel. Reallocating the squadrons will provide the USAF the abailty to faster respond to their needs in the African / European / Southwest Africa regions.

Nov 4:

The Royal Australian Air Force took delivery of its eight Boeing Defence C-17A Globemaster. All the Globemasters are assigned to 36 squadron based RAAF Base Amberley. The C-17s were ordered in two batches, the first batch comprised six aircraft. Last year the Australian MoD decided to purchase another two C-17s. Boeing build 11 aircraft without firm orders, called white tails, of which two were allocated for the RAAF and delivered within a year of signing the contract.

The first two L-159As were noted in Bulgaria during their delivery flight from the Czech Republic to Iraq. Aero Vodochody build 73 aircraft named ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) for the Czech Republic Air Force. Two versions were build, the light strike L-159A single seat aircraft and the L-159B trainer. Not all of the ALCA's were operated by the Czech Air Force a large number was placed in storage and offered for sale. The Iraqi Air Force purchased 10 L-159As, 2 L-159Bs and three aircraft to be used for spares.

Nov 3:

LRIP 9 of the F-35 Lightning II program was awarded. Please visit F-35 for details of the ordered Lightning IIs.
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