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Military aviation news: June 2016
Jun 14:

The two Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35A Lightning IIs returned home (Edwards AFB, California) departing during the morning from Leeuwarden Air Base. Both RNLAF KDC-10 supported the flight to the USA with a stop-over at Bangor. Two new F-35A flew the aircraft on the final leg to Edwards AFB.

F-35A during the 'belevingsvluchten' at Volkel Air Base.

Having arrived in The Netherlands in the evening of May 23 the Lightnings conducted a test program. Three flights were highlighted: Belevingsvluchten May 26, tour over The Netherlands June 7 and participating in the Luchtmachtdagen (RNLAF open house) Air Power Demo. More detailed information about the deployment can be read at: F-35 to The Netherlands.

Jun 10:

During the rehearsal of Patrouille Swiss two of their F-5Es collided in mid air. One aircraft crashed in the village of Bitgum located a few kilometers (miles) to the Northwest of Leeuwarden and its air base. The pilot could eject from his aircraft and landed safely at a farm, the aircraft came down in a pond. The second aircraft was damaged (right stabilizer) and was checked out by his colleagues while emergency services rushed to the crash area to secure the crash side and provide medical assistance. The pilot escaped with little injuries and on the ground there were fortunately no casualties.

The crashed F-5E arriving at Leeuwarden. Patrouille Swiss starting their rehearsal.
The damaged F-5E safely recovering at Leeuwarden.

Jun 7:

Boeing was awarded a contract to build 24 AH-64E Apache / Guardian helicopters gor Qatar. Included are 1 Longbow trainer, ground support equipment and Thales radios. Estimated contract completion date May 31st, 2020.

Jun 2:

In two seperate accidents the US demonstration teams Thunderbirds (USAF F-16) and Blue Angels (USN F/A-18) suffured aircraft crashed.

Thunderbirds (Colorado):

The F-16 crashed near Colorado Springs after the team made a fly-by at the USAF Academy. At the Academy a ceremoney was held which was attened by President Barack Obama. Just after the pass the aircraft crashed with the pilot ejecting. Photo's showed a relatively intact aircraft in a field and the pilot walking around.

Blue Angels (Tennessee):

Just over one hour their Thunderbirds colleagues suffered a crash one of the teams F/A-18s went down. The Blue Angels were conducting a training flight for theur air show at Smyrna Tennessee. The accident occured just after take-off two miles from the runway. The pilot reported as US Marine Corps pilot, didn't survice.

From both teams their number '6' aircraft was involved in the accidents.
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