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Welcome to Phantomaviation.nl

The website covers military aviation through articles covering exercises, squadrons, aviation reports (defence and budget reviews) and provides a summarized news section maintained by month. Focus of the website and its contents is aimed at the NATO countries. Based on press releases made by DoDs, aircraft companies etc. a quarterly overview of ordered and delivered aircraft is provided. For a number of aircraft more detailed information (country, operator, aircraft type, ordered, delivered) can be found in the aircraft section. The country section either provides an overview of aircraft and helicopters ordered and delivered and can include an unit (squadron, wing, group) overview but might also just contain one or more photographs. Countries are presented by continent and a country is added when at least one photograph is available.

All photo's on the website are made by me and are not allowed to be used without prior written approval.

M. Jaarsma
Latest updates
Netherlands: exercise(s) and Luchtmachtdagen 2019

Jan 18: Falcon Leap, 2019 September 9-20.
Jan 18: Commemoration WWII Operation Market Garden, 2019. September 21.
Jan 15: Frisian Flag 2019, April 1-12.
Jan 12: EART 2019, April 1-12.
2018: Luchtmachtdagen 2019, Volkel June 14-15.

 Frisian Flag departure.  Luchtmachtdagen display.  Falcon Leap / Market Garden.

Exercise and reports:

Jan 09: RNLAF F-35s
Jan 07: NATO Air Policing Mission
Dec 20: 309th AMARG (updated December 20)
Nov 28: DSCA Approved and FMS orders

Day at the fence:

Jan 09: Schiphol Japanese Air Self Defence Force B-747s
Jan 05: Teuge night shoot preserved aicraft at the aviation day
Jan 02: Volkel return of Air Task Force Middle East


Jan 13: Mi-24/35 Hind
Jan 12: A400M, H225M, KC-46A
Dec 20: A-6 Intruder / EA-6 Prowler
Dec 03: Tornado


Jan 13:  Hungary
Dec 15: Japan, Netherlands
Dec 09: United Kingdom, United States
Dec 02: USAF squadron and wings
Latest photographs
Arrival of the Japanese prime minister at Schiphol. Both B-747s operated by 701 Hikotai on approach and the ramp.
Return of ATFME F-16s at Volkel January 2. Mig-21MF at the Scramble Aviation Day photoshoot at Teuge January 5. Mig-23ML at the Scramble Aviation Day photoshoot at Teuge January 5.