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Latest update: June 2019
The Czech Air Force held an open house at its 21st Tactical Air Force base Čáslav (21. základna taktického letectva - 21.zTL) on Saturday May 25, 2019. Three flying squadrons are part of 21. zTL:

211. taktická letka 211.TL JAS-39C/D
212. taktická letka 212.TL L-159A
213. výcviková letka 213.VL L-39ZA

Čáslav has one runway 13 - 31 with its taxiway and ramps situated to the north of the runway. For the air show it means you will look into the sun almost the entire day. The static display was presented on two ramps. One on the northern part of the base where the Belgian, German and Slovak were presented as well as the aircraft from 211.TL, 212.TL and 213.VL
One L-39ZA and one L-159A received a special color scheme. At the center of the base the northern ramp was used to display the Mi-171Sh and Mi-35 of the 22nd Helicopter Base at Náměšť nad Oslavou and the transport aircraft of the 24th Air Transportation Base at Prague - Kbely. The southern center ramp was in use for flying display. Here the recently delivered Enstrom 480B helicopter from the CLV at Kbely was parked. According to the program it should have been placed at static display. As temperatures were too high resulting in heat haze it wasn't possible to photograph the helicopter. The southern ramp was used by the local Gripen and ALCA aircraft and the helicopter display teams.
Presented on the center ramp were also aircraft operated by the Czechoslovakian and Czech Air Forces.

The L-39ZA will be withdrawn from service in 2019 leaving only the seven L-39Cs operated by the CLV at Pardubice in service to train future fighter pilots. Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody presented its first prototype L-39NG at Čáslav. It should be purchased by the Czech Air Force and enter service in the 2020s however no contract have been signed at the time of the air show.
Static display
Belgian Air Component Alpha Jet German Air Force Tornado ECR Czech Air Force JAS-39C Gripen
Czech Air Force L-39ZA Aero Vodochody L-39NG Czech Air Force L-159A
Czech Air Force C-295M Czech Air Force Yak-40 Czech Air Force Mi-171Sh
Czech Air Force Mi-24V Slovak Air Force Mig-29UBS Slovak Air Force L-39CM
Static display preserved aircraft
Czech Air Force Mig-21F-13  Czech Air Force Mig-21MF Czech Air Force Mig-21MF
  Czech Air Force Su-7BM  
Flying display
Czech Air Force JAS-39C Gripen solo display. And with a Red Bull aircraft.
Czech Air Force L-159A ALVA role demo.
Czech Air Force L-39 formation flight related to the imminent withdrawal from service of the L-39ZA (lead aircraft). Czech Air Force role demo by a Mi-171Sh Hip and Mi-24V Hind both based near
Brno, 22nd Helicopter Base at Náměšť nad Oslavou.
Czech Air Force Mi-171sh. Czech Air Force W-3A operated in the SAR role from Plzen.
Air show participants
Country: Aircraft: a/c no. Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Display
Belgium Alpha Jet 2 11 Smaldeel Cazaux (France) Static
Czech republic JAS-39C 1 211.tl Čáslav Static
  JAS-39D 1 211.tl Čáslav Static
  L-39NG 1 Aero Vodochody Prague-Vodochody Static
  L-39ZA 1 213.vlt Čáslav Static
  L-159A 1 212.tl Čáslav Static
  C-295M 1 242.tsl Kbely Static
  Yak-40 1 241.dlt Kbely Static
  Mi-171sh 1 222.vrl Náměšť nad Oslavou Static
  Mi-35 1 221.vrl Náměšť nad Oslavou Static
  Enstrom 480B-G 1 CLV LOM Pardubice Pardubice Flightline
  JAS-39C 1 211.tl Čáslav Flying
  JAS-39C 4 211.tl Čáslav Flying
  L-39C 4 CLV LOM Pardubice Pardubice Flying
  L-39ZA 1 213.vlt Čáslav Flying
  L-159A 2 212.tl Čáslav Flying
  Mi-171sh 1 222.vrl Náměšť nad Oslavou Flying
  Mi-24V 1 221.vrl Náměšť nad Oslavou Flying
  W-3A 1 243.vrl Plzen Flying
  Mig-15 1 Preserved Čáslav Static
  Mig-21MA 1 Preserved Čáslav Static
  Mig-21F-13 1 Preserved Čáslav Static
  Su-7BM 1 Preserved Čáslav Static
Germany Tornado ECR 1 TLG 51 Schleswig-Jagel Static
Slovakia Mig-29UBS 1 Taktické krídl Sliac Static
  L-39CM 1 Taktické krídl Sliac Static
Total aircraft:   34


The air show was opened by a formation flight consisting of three JAS-39C Gripen, one L-39ZA Albatross and two L-159A ALCAs. During the afternoon a special marked JAS-39C flew the Gripen solo demo as well as a flight with a Red Bull aircraft. Another two L-159As showcased their role demo. The same L-39ZA (four should be assigned to 213.VL) departed the base to join its four colleagues of the CLV (L-39C) which made two fly-past's related to the imminent withdrawal from service of the L-39ZA.