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Tag der Bundeswehr 2019: Schleswig-Jagel
Latest update: June 2019
Annually the German ministry of defence organizes its Tag der Bundeswehr (day of defence). Throughout the country a number of Air Force bases, Army barracks and Navy ports are opened to the public. This year Schleswig-Jagel home to Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader 51 "Immelmann" (TLG 51 - Tactical Air Force Wing) opened her doors on Saturday June 15. TLG 51 is equipped with the Tornado IDS and ECR. Two days prior to the Tag der Bundeswehr TLG 51 organized a spotters day. During the day aircraft who would participate arrived and the resident Tornadoes and aircraft who had already arrived flew their rehearsal displays. Additionally nine C-47 Dakota WW II aircraft arrived and departed. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day (Normandy, France) and the 50th anniversary of the Berlin airlift Dakotas from Europe, Canada and the United States gathered in Normandy and a number of them continued their journey into Germany.

Photos below are presented by time giving an overview of the arrival and display activities during the day. The day was opened by a display of a TLG 71 "Richthofen" EF-2000 and departure of a Czech Air Force C-295M. Unfortunately the process to access the base was in full swing. In the afternoon another Eurofighter flew its display.
Country: Aircraft: a/c no. Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Display
Canada A-4N 2 Top Aces Wittmund Static
Czech Republic C-295M 1 242.tsl Kbely Support
  L-159A   212.tl Čáslav Static
Germany CH-53GA 2 HSG 64 Laupheim / Holzdorf Flying
  Do-28D.2 1 Civil   Static
  EF-2000 2 TLG 71 Wittmund Flying
  H145M 1 HSG 64 Laupheim Flying
  NH90-TTH 1 THR 30 Niederstetten Static
  P-3C 1 MFG 3 Nordholz Flying
  Tornado 1 TLG 51 Schleswig-Jagel Flying
  Tornado ECR 5 TLG 51 Schleswig-Jagel Flying
Hungary An-26 1 MH 59. Sz.D. R Kecskemét Support
  JAS-39D 1 MH 59. Sz.D. R Kecskemét Static
Italy Tornado 2 6° Stormo Ghedi Static
Total aircraft:   21


Participants are excluding the nine C-47 Dakotas. The Tiger Tornado operated from a HAS on the static side its colleagues flew from the HAS at other side of the air base. Two flybys were performed by the P-3C Orion which then returned to its home base. One of the Italian Air Force Tornadoes was parked at the other side of the air base, the other one went to the static display.
Photo gallery
The CH-53GA gave a long demo of its capabilities. It wil be replaced by either the new CH-53K King Stallion
or CH-47F Chinook.  The Tornadoes operated from the other  side but taxied by on the way to their
departure. The TLG 51 Tiger Tornado  flew from the static side. All gave  
Buddy-buddy air refuelling demo  by two of the Tornado ECR's.  
The H145M gave a role demonstration  protecting the CH-53GA who evacuated persons during an extraction demo.
The Tornadoes provided CAS and made  a fly by before landing.  
A L-159 ALCA from the Czech Air Force  arriving while the 'Tiger' made a fly by as did the P-3C Orion
taxing back towards the static followed by a Hungarian Air Force JAS-39D Gripen.
Second EF-2000 takes off for its display  The Italian Air Force Tornadoes arrival and the sole Hungarian An-26 departing.
Air brakes extended by the Italian pilot  taxing its Tornado to the static for display.
  A flight of eight C-47 / Dakotas  arrived and all taxied in front of the 
public before crossing the runway  for parking at the flightline on the other side of the air base.
Two former US Navy A-4 Skyhawks  operated by Top Aces taxied to the end of the taxi track and then returned 
The TLG 51 Tornadoes went out  for a second rehearsal of their demo  German Army NH90-TTH arrival
Last visitor a former German Navy  Do-28D Skyservant for static display.  
TLG 51 Tiger Tornado
TLG 51 is a member of the NATO Tiger Association and takes part in the annual NATO Tiger Meet. Each year one of its Tornado is painted in a Tiger color scheme.
Dakota D-day and Berlin airlift anniversaries
The first Dakota was parked on the other  side but departed with its colleagues using the taxi way in front of the public.
  Fly by of the nine Dakotas before  leaving to their next destination.