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Tag der Bundeswehr 2015 Nörvenich
Latest update: January 2016
In 2015 the German department of defense organised the Tag der Bundeswehr 'Armed Forces Day' with several bases from the Air Force, Navy and Army opening its doors to the public. One day before the Tag der Bundeswehr the Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader 31 "Boelcke" based at Nörvenich organized an aviation enthusiast / spotters day where the photographs were taken. No flying took place as the runway was in used for the static display of aircraft and other material. At the end of the afternoon a thunder storm approached the air base therefore the fighter aircraft were towed into shelters or hangars. Except the Eurofighters the base also accomodates a UH-1D Huey on SAR duty (not seen on the aviation enthusiast day).
Static display
E-3A NAEW&CF from nearby Geilenkirchen C-160D Transall from LTG 63 based at Hohn in Northern Germany.  CH-53GA from HSG 64.
Tornado IDS from TLG 51 based at Schleswig-Jagel. Traveling exhibit. Cockpit section of a Tornado IDS. TLG 51 also send one of its Tornado ECRs to Nörvenich.
Aft view of a resident TLG 31 EF-2000. Front view of a resident TLG 31 EF-2000. TLG 31 being towed.
Displayed in one of the hangars was a
dual seat EF-2000T.
Fully armed EF-2000 (TLG 31) on display in one of the barns.  Same Eurofighter with fuel tanks and armament. 
Current (EF-2000) and previous (Tornado, F-104G, Sabre) aircraft of TLG 31.    Nörvenich runway with the AWACS and Transall on display.
Air Defence display.    Patriot battery.