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Luchtmachtdagen 2019 Volkel June 14-15
Latest update: April 2019
After three years of absence the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) announced it will organize the Luchtmachtdagen 2019 at Volkel Air Base. The air show will be held on Friday and Saturday June 14-15. The last edition was organized at Leeuwarden Air Base in 2016.


In 2019 eight F-35As will be delivered to the RNLAF. Six will roll off the production line at Forth Worth, Texas and will be delivered to Luke AFB, Arizona. They will be assigned to the Nederlands Opleiding Detachement F-35 (NODF-35) within the 308th Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Wing. The other two aircraft will roll off the FACO at Cameri, Italy. AN-9 is the first F-35A produced in Italy and is scheduled to make its first flight on July 19 and will arrive at Leeuwarden Air Base at the end of October.
Country: Aircraft: a/c no. Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Display Status
Belgium F-16AM 1 F-16 solo display team Florennes Flying CNF - MoD
Czech republic JAS-39C/D 1 211 tl Caslav Flying CNF - MoD
Denmark F-16AM/BM 1 Esk 727 / 730 Skrydstrup Static CNF - MoD
  F-16AM 1 Esk 727 / 730 Skrydstrup Flying CNF - MoD
Germany Tornado 1 TLG 33 Buchel Static CNF - MoD
Greece F-4E PI-2000 1 117 PM Andravida Static CNF - MoD
NATO E-3A 1 NAEW&CF Geilenkirchen Static CNF - MoD
Netherlands AH-64D 1 301 squadron Gilze-Rijen Static CNF - MoD
  AS532.U2 1 300 squadron Gilze-Rijen Static CNF - MoD
  C-130H(.30) 1 336 squadron Eindhoven Static CNF - MoD
  CH-47D 1 298 squadron Gilze-Rijen Static CNF - MoD
  F-16AM 1 312 / 312 squadron Volkel Static TBC
  F-16BM 1 KTV Leeuwarden Static CNF - MoD
  KDC-10 1 334 squadron Eindhoven Static TBC
  NH90-NFH 1 860 squadron De Kooy Static CNF - MoD
  PC-7 1 131 (EMVO) squadron Woensdrecht Static TBC
  F-104G 1 Historic fighters Volkel Hangar 1 CNF - Non MoD
  Hunter F6/T8 1 DHHF Leeuwarden Flying CNF - MoD
Norway F-16AM/BM 2 331 Skv Bodø Static CNF - MoD
Spain EF-2000 1 Ala 11 or Ala 14 Morón or Albacete Flying CNF - MoD
Switzerland F-5E 5 Patrouille Suisse Emmen Flying CNF - MoD
United Kingdom Hawk T.1(A) 10 Red Arrows RAF Scampton Flying CNF - MoD
  Hawk T.1(A) 1 100 squadron RAF Leeming Static CNF - MoD
  Puma HC.1 1 230 squadron RAF Benson Static CNF - MoD
Total aircraft:   38

Status: Status explanation:
CNF - MoD Participant confirmed on the Netherlands Ministry of Defence website Luchtmachtdagen.
CNF - Non MoD Participant confirmed on its own website, twitter, other social media.
TBC Participant To Be Confirmed.

DHHF: Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation.
KTV: Kantoor Test Vliegen / Test Flying Office. F-16BM J-066 Orange Jumper.

Notes / disclaimer:

1: Due to other commitments / circumstances participants can cancel their participation at any time.
2: Not listed are spare aircraft which are brought by the (solo) display teams.
3: Not listed are support aircraft bringing equipment for (solo) display teams. Most if not all of the transport aircraft will not remain at Volkel during the luchtmachtdagen.

Removed participants:

Spanish Air Force Patrulla Águila (Casa 101) removed its participation from its display calendar.

Below you will find links to countries offering (partial) order and production reports of the aircraft operated by that countries air arms. You will also find links to aircraft offering the same (partial) reports of countries operating that specific aircraft. 'Reference' photo's are added providing it's available in my photo database.
F-16AM F-16 solo display team
Czech Republic
JAS-39C Gripen 211 tl
F-16AM Esk 727/730
Tornado IDS TLG 33
F-4E Phantom II 117 PM
AH-64D Apache 301 squadron AS532U2 Cougar 300 squadron C-130H Hercules 336 squadron
CH-47D Chinook  298 squadron F-16AM  312/313/322 squadron F-16BM "Orange Jumper" KTV
KDC-10 334 squadron NH90-NFH 860 squadron PC-7  131 EMVO squadron
F-104G Starfighter Historic fighters Hunter DHHF  
F-16AM 331 Skv
EF-2000 (Typoon) Ala 11/14
F-5E Patrouille Suisse
United Kingdom
Hawk T.1(A) Red Arrows Hawk T.1(A) 100 squadron Puma HC.1 230 squadron