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KC-46 Pegasus
Latest update: August 2019

Company: Boeing Defense
Abbr.: Order and inventory status information: Abbr.: Order and inventory status information:
Order. No. of aircraft ordered. WFU No. of aircraft Withdrawn From Use.
Opt. No. of aircraft options. Sold No. of aircraft sold to another country.
Opp. No. of possible aircraft sales. Oth. D. No. of aircraft bought from another country.
Canc. No. of aircraft ordered cancelled. LS↓ No. of aircraft leased from another country.
Del. No. of aircraft delivered. LS ↑ No. of aircraft leased to another country.
On Or. No. of aircraft to be delivered. Act. No. of aircraft operational.
W/O No. of aircraft Written Off (crashed).    
Lease: When the no. of aircraft LS↓ and LS ↑ are equal the leased aircraft have been returned to the owner.

Order and production overview - aircraft detailed
Country Aircraft Order. Opt. Opp. Canc. Del. On Or. W/O WFU Sold Oth.D. LS↓ LS ↑ Act.
Japan KC-46A 2   1     2             0
UAE KC-46A     3     0             0
USA KC-46A 52   123   16 36             16
Total   54   127   16 38             16


Second aircraft contract awarded : December 6, 2018. To be delivered by June 30, 2021.
First aircraft contract awarded: December 22, 2017. To be delivered by February 28, 2021.

United States:

McConnell 22nd ARW received the seventh (and its fifth) Pegasus on April 20, 2019.

The fifth and sixth aircraft were delivered to the 97th AMW at Altus, AFB Oklahoma on February 8 (17-46027) and February 9 (17-46028).

Delivery of the third and fourth aircraft took place on January 31 with 16-460022 and 17-460030 being delivered to the 22nd ARW.

The first two aircraft (15-46009 and 17-46031) were delivered by Boeing on Friday January 25, 2019. Both aircraft departed Seattle for McConnell AFB, Kansas were they were assigned to the 22nd ARW.

The USAF accepted the first KC-46A on January 10, 2019. It will be delivered to the 22nd ARW by the end of January. There are still issues with the aircraft which need to be resolved.