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Latest update: January 2019

Company: Boeing
Abbr.: Order and inventory status information: Abbr.: Order and inventory status information:
Order. No. of aircraft ordered. WFU No. of aircraft Withdrawn From Use.
Opt. No. of aircraft options. Sold No. of aircraft sold to another country.
Opp. No. of possible aircraft sales. Oth. D. No. of aircraft bought from another country.
Canc. No. of aircraft ordered cancelled. LS↓ No. of aircraft leased from another country.
Del. No. of aircraft delivered. LS ↑ No. of aircraft leased to another country.
On Or. No. of aircraft to be delivered. Act. No. of aircraft operational.
W/O No. of aircraft Written Off (crashed).    
Lease: When the no. of aircraft LS↓ and LS ↑ are equal the leased aircraft have been returned to the owner.

Order and production overview - aircraft detailed
Country Aircraft Order. Opt. Opp. Canc. Del. On Or. W/O WFU Sold Oth.D. LS↓ LS ↑ Act.
UK RC-135V           0       3     3
USA RC-135E 1       1 0 1           0
  RC-135S 5       5 0 2           3
  RC-135T 1       1 0 1           0
  RC-135U 2       2 0             2
  RC-135V 10       10 0     2       8
  RC-135W 9       9 0             9
Total   28       28 0 4   2 3     25

Known as Airseeker in the UK the RAF purchased three aircraft from the USAF. Two RC-135Vs and one KC-135R to be modified to RC-135V were transferred from the USAF to the RAF.

All RC-135s operate in reconnaissance roles.

RC-135E: "River Amber".
RC-135S: "Cobra Ball". Observe ballistic missiles.
RC-135T: "Rivet Dandy".
RC-135U: "Combat Sent". Collecting information of radar systems.
RC-135V: "Rivet joint". SIGINT aircraft.
RC-135W: "Rivet joint". SIGINT aircraft.