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The Netherlands
Latest update: May 2019
Abbr.: Order and inventory status information: Abbr.: Order and inventory status information:
Order. No. of aircraft ordered. WFU No. of aircraft Withdrawn From Use.
Opt. No. of aircraft options. Sold No. of aircraft sold to another country.
Opp. No. of possible aircraft sales. Oth. D. No. of aircraft bought from another country.
Canc. No. of aircraft ordered cancelled. LS↓ No. of aircraft leased from another country.
Del. No. of aircraft delivered. LS ↑ No. of aircraft leased to another country.
On Or. No. of aircraft to be delivered. Act. No. of aircraft operational.
W/O No. of aircraft Written Off (crashed).    
Lease: When the no. of aircraft LS↓ and LS ↑ are equal the leased aircraft have been returned to the owner.
Order and production overview - aircraft detailed
Aircraft Aircraft type Order. Opt. Opp. Canc. Del. On Or. W/O WFU Sold Oth.D. LS↓ LS ↑ Act.
F-16 F-16A 63       63 0 31 32         0
  F-16AM 114       114 0 6 9 43       56
  F-16B 11       11 0 1 10         0
  F-16BM 25       25 0 1 2 15       7
F-35 F-35A 10   42   8 2             8
A330MRTT KC-30 8 3       8             0
C-10 KDC-10           0   1   3     2
C-130 C-130H           0       2     2
  C-130H.30 2       2 0             2
GIV G-IV           0       1     1
PC-7 PC-7 13       13 0             13
AS532 AS532U2 17       17 0   5         12
CH-47 CH-47D 6       6 0 2 1   8     11
  CH-47F 20       6 14   2         4
AH-64 AH-64A           0         12 12 0
  AH-64D 30       30 0 2           28
  AH-64E     28     0             0
NH90 NH90-NFH 20       20 0             20
MQ-9 MQ-9 4         4             0
Total Total 343 3 70   315 28 43 62 58 14 12 12 166
RNLAF aircraft currently in service and procurements

F-35A Lightning II
F-35A during the Belevingsvlucht at Volkel May 26, 2016

On May 10, 2019 the last F-35A build by Lockheed Martin at Forth Worth, Texas was delivered. The aircraft was delivered to 323 TES at Edwards, AFB, California. The two other aircraft of LRIP 11 (eight aircraft in total) will be delivered by the FACO at Cameri, Italy.

For more information and the latest status please visit RNLAF F-35s.

F-16AMs lined up with the KDC-10 during an EART mission in 2015.

68 aircraft are available from January 2016. Included in this number are seven aircraft kept as logistical reserve. 10 F-16s (five F-16AM and five F-16BM) are assigned to the 148th FS Arizona ANG and used for pilot training. The Royal Netherlands Air Force suffered three F-16 incidents in the period October 2017 - July 2018 which involved one F-16AM and two F-16BMs (one in the USA). Currently 58 aircraft (of which seven F-16M) should be on the operational inventory.

Squadron F-16AM F-16BM Total W/O WFU Damaged Total
148th FS 5 4 9     1 10
312 squadron 14 1 15       15
313 squadron 10 1 11 1 2   14
322 squadron 27 2 29       29
Total 56 8 64 1 2 1 68

Including the reserve aircraft.

The F-16s will be grafually withdrawn from service once the F-35s enter service from late 2019.

From January 2018 four F-16s are deployed to Jordan. The returned after ending the first mission of Task Force Middle East on July 1, 2016 (initally six aircraft with two spares and during the last year four F-16s and two spares).  From January 4 until April 30, 2017 the RNLAF was the lead Baltic Air Policing mission nation. It marked the third deployment of the F-16s to safeguard the airspace of the Baltic nations. A total overview of all air policing missions including the details for the RNLAF can be found at NATO Air Policing Missions.

 KC-30 (A330MRTT)
Feature photo: RAF Voyager Schiphol March 7, 2015.

The KC-30s will be owned NATO and operated in a pooling arrangement with each member nations allocated its requested flight hours. As NATO is an organization its aircraft are registered in a member nation with the KC-30s receiving a Royal Netherlands Air Force serial and roundel. For more information and the latest status please visit NATO MFF Programme.

The G-IV is based at Eindhoven but is a regular visitor at Schiphol. June 14, 2018.

The sole VIP aircraft was slated to be withdrawn from use. However the defence bill 2018 outlining the procurement and upgrades programs in the timeframe of 2018 - 2033 contains the purchase of a new aircraft which is planned to enter service in 2022.

MQ-9 Reaper
USAF MQ-9 presented at the static display of the Luchtmachtdagen held at  Volkel in 2013.

During the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 the contract between the Netherlands Defence Material Organization and the DSCA was signed by vice admiral Arie Jan de Waard (director DMO) and Lieutenant General Charles Hooper (director DSCA) on July 17. The four MQ-9 Reaper MALE UAV (Medium Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will be assigned to 306 squadron which will be reactivated in the second half of 2018 and based at Leeuwarden. Before its deactivation the squadron flew F-16s from Volkel. The first aircraft will arrive in 2021. Contrary to its USAF counterparts the RNLAF MQ-9s will not be armed.

AS532.U2 Cougar
Cougar at Haarlem supporting the liberation festivals. Haarlem May 5, 2019.

The 12 Cougars currently in service will remain on strenght until at least 2030 and be assigned to the special operations role.
CH-47D/F Chinook
One of the two CH-47Fs assigned to 298 squadron at Gilze-Rijen in 2016.

The current fleet of 11 CH-47Ds will be withdrawn once the new CH-47F Block II CAAS (Common Avionics Architecture System) have entered service. 14 CH-47s are purchased in two contracts (June 14, 2016: 12 and April 28, 2017: 2) which will be delivered in the 2020 - 2022 timeframe. The defence bill 2018 plans on buying another three Chinooks without stating when the purchase is planned. The six CH-47F already operated will be upgraded to the CAAS standard.

CH-47F D-892 became the first Chinook to be withdrawn from service. Its last flight was made on February 7, 2019 to Woensdrecht were it will be prepared for shipment to the USA.

AH-64D Apache
An AH-64D assigned to 301 squadron at Gilze-Rijen in 2016. 

The contract to purchase 30 AH-64Ds was signed on May 24, 1995. Three years later the first Apache was delivered with the final helicopter arriving in May 2002. To bridge the gap until the delivery of the attack helicopters the RNLAF leased 12 AH-64As from the US Army. These arrived at Gilze-Rijen in early 1996 and were operated by 301 and 302 squadrons.

The defence bill 2018 outlines the Apache remanufacture which will see the current fleet of 28 AH-64Ds retrofitted to the AH-64E Apache Guardian variant. Currently the MoD is in the political process of acquiring the new helicopters at an estimated cost of 250 - 1.000 million Euro. Planned entry into service is foreseen in the 2022 - 2024 timeframe.

NH-90NFH used to fly an ambassador of freedom to liberation festivals in The Netherlands. Almere liberation day May 5, 2018.

All 20 NH-90NHFs have been delivered. However the first delivered helicopters are in the process of a retrofit program to bring them to the same standard (Radar Final Capability) as last delivered helicopters. Furthermore all NH90-NFHs will receive planned upgrades until 2020.

Operated by 131 (EMVO) squadron one of its PC-7s is on approach to Volkel on July 18, 2017.

All aircraft will be upgraded by Pilatus in Switzerland. From 2025 a new (to be selected) aircraft should enter service.
Aircraft sold
          Fokker Fokker Fokker          
Country NF-5A NF-5B F-16A F-16B 27 50 60 P-3C AB412SP BO105CB SA.316B Total
Chad                     2 2
Chile     30 7               37
France                     8 8
Germany               8       8
Greece 11 1                   12
Jordan     13 8               21
Malta                     2 2
Pakistan                     4 4
Peru           2 4   3     9
Portugal               5       5
Turkey 31 16                   47
Venezuela 1 6                   7
Civil   1     5         4 29 39
Total 43 24 43 15 5 2 4 13 3 4 45 201