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Kleine Brogel (Sanicole) spottersday 2021
Latest update: September 2021
Sanicole 2021 and XTM 2021
The annual Sanicole air show was held from Friday 10 until Sunday 13 September. Most aircraft operated from nearby Kleine-Brogel air base. Helicopters were flown from the base to Sanicole and returned after the show. 31 Smaldeel hosted the Extra Tiger Meet (XTM 2021) which saw it's intended flying program cancelled because of COVID-19. However, several "Tiger" squadrons visited their Belgian colleagues.
Participants (Monday September 13)
Country Aircraft Squadron Wing Base a/c no.
Austria EF-2000 Überwachungsgeschwader   Zeltweg 2
Belgium F-16AM   2 Wing Florennes 1
  F-16AM 31 Smaldeel 10 Wing Kleine Brogel 4
  C-130H 20 Smaldeel 15 Wing Melsbroek 1
  A-109BA 17 Sqn MRH 1 Wing Beauvechain 1
  NH90-NFH 40 Smaldeel 1 Wing Koksijde 1
Czech Republic JAS-39C/D 211.tl 21st Tactical AFB Čáslav 1
  Mi-35 221.vl 22nd Helicopter Base Náměšť nad Oslavou 1
  Mi-171Sh 222.vl 22nd Helicopter Base Náměšť nad Oslavou 1
  W-3A 243..vrlt 24th Air Transport Base Prague-Kbely 1
Denmark Saab T-17 FLSK   Karup 5
France Rafale B/C EC 3/30 EC 030 BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan  3
  SR22 CFAIM 02.312   Salon de Provence 1
  Rafale M 11F   BAN Landivisiau  2
Finland F/A-18C HävLLv 11   Rovaniemi 2
Germany EF-2000   TaktLwG 74 Neuburg 2
  Tornado   TaktLwG 51 Schleswig-Jagel 2
  NH90-TTH Ihaz   Bückeburg 1
Greece F-16C/D 335 Mira 116 PM Araxos 2
  F-16C 340 / 343 Mira 115 PM Soúda 2
Hungary JAS-39C 1. Vadászrepülö Század MH 59.Sz.D.R. Kecskemét 2
Italy EF-2000 936° GEA 36° Stormo Gioia Del Colle 4
  EF-2000 311° Gruppo RSV Pratica di Mare 1
  C-27J 311° Gruppo RSV Pratica di Mare 1
  T-346A 212° Gruppo 61° Stormo Lecce 1
Netherlands CH-47D 298 squadron   Gilze-Rijen 1
Poland F-16C/D 6. ELT 31. BLT Poznań-Krzesiny 2
Portugal F-16AM/BM Esq 301   BA5 Monte Real 2
Switzerland F-5E Patrouille Suisse   Emmen 7
Civilian OV-10B       1
  Hunter F.6A DHHF     1
Total         59
Support aircraft
Country Aircraft Squadron Wing Base a/c no.
Czech Republic C-295W 242.tsl 24th Air Transport Base Kbely 1
Finland C-295M TukiLLv Satakunnan Lennosto Tampere 1
Hungary A319-112 3. Szallitó Repülö Század MH 59.Sz.D.R. Kecskemét 1
Switzerland Falcon 900EX-EASy LTDB   Bern 1
Total         4
Participant Display  
D Dynamic  
S Static  
SP Support  
XTM 2021 Participants Tiger Meet  


The French Navy E-2C Hawkeye departed on the Sunday while the Royal Navy Wildcat HMA.2 departed Saturday evening. Parked on the other side of the runway where all French Rafales, the Greek F-16's assigned to 335 Mira and four Italian F-2000A's assigned to 936° GEA, 36° Stormo. These all participated in XTM 2021.
Photo gallery: Participants
Austrian AF EF-2000 Belgian AF F-16AM Belgian AF C-130H
Belgian AF NH90-NFH Czech AF JAS-39C Czech AF Mi-171Sh
Czech AF Mi-35 Czech AF W-3A Danish AF Saab T-17
French AF Rafale B French AF Rafale C French AF Rafale M
French AF SR22 Finnish AF F/A-18C German AF EF-2000
German AF Tornado   Greek AF F-16C
  German AR NH90-TTH  
Greek AF F-16D Hungarian AF JAS-39C Italian AF EF-2000
Italian AF EF-2000 Italian AF C-27J Italian AF T-346A
Royal Netherlands AF CH-47D Polish AF F-16C Portuguese AF F-16AM
Swiss AF F-5E DHHF Hunter F.6A OV-10B
Support aircraft
Czech AF C-295W Finnish AF C-295M Hungarian AF A319-112
Swiss AF Falcon 900EX-EASy