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Kleine Brogel (Sanicole) spottersday 2021
Latest update: July 2021
Sanicole air show is annually organized in September. On Friday at the end of the day their sunset air show is held with a limited number of participants flying their demo and followed on the Sunday by all the full flying display.

Kleine Brogel Air Base home to the Belgian Air Component 10 Tactical Wing supports the Sanicole organizations and hosts fighter and transport aircraft who aren't able to land and take off from the grass runway at Hechtel. The base also organizes the spotter's day which provides access to the base on Saturday. Aircraft flying from Kleine Brogel are parked on the parallel runway or on the ramp in front of the maintenance hangar.

The 2021 edition of Sanicole has the Saturday added as an additional show day. Caused by COVID-19 the additonal day provides the same number of spectators to visit the air show as during previous years. Then the Saturday was used by sole and display teams to rehearse their show at Hechtel.
Confirmed Participants
Country Aircraft Wing Squadron Base a/c no. Participant Comment
Belgium F-16AM 2 Wing Dark Falcon Florennes 1 D FR, SA, SUN
  A-109BA 1 Wing   Beauvechain 1 D FR, SA, SUN
  SF-260M   Red Devils Beauvechain 4 D SA, SU
Czech Republic Mi-24V, Mi-35 22nd Helicopter Base 221.vl Náměšť nad Oslavou 1 D SA, SU
  Mi-17Sh 22nd Helicopter Base 222.vl Náměšť nad Oslavou 1 D SA, SU
  W-3A 24th Air Transport Base 243 vrlt Plzen 1 D SA, SU
Denmark Saab T-17   Baby Blue demo team Karup 5 D TBC
France Extra 300LP/SC EPAA 20.300 EVAA Base Aérienne 701 Salon de Provence    D FR, SA, SUN
  Rafale EC 004 Vautour Bravo Base Aérienne 113 Saint-Dizier  1 D FR, SA, SUN
  E-2C   4F BAN de Lann-Bihoué 1 D SA, SU
Finland F/A-18C HävLLv 11 / HävLLv 31   Rovaniemi / Kuopio 1 D SA, SU
Greece F-16C   ZEUS   1 D SA, SU
Hungary JAS-3C       1 D FR, SA, SUN
Italy EF-2000 TBC 4°/36°/37°  Stormo / RSV Grosseto / Gioia del Colle / Trapani / Pratica di Mare 1 D TBC
  C-27J 46 BA or RSV   Pisa or Pratica di Mare 1 D TBC
  T-346A 61° Stormo 'Carlo Negri' 212° Gruppo Lecce 1 D TBC
Poland F-16C       1 D TBC
Switzerland F/A-18C Fl Geschw 11/13 Fl St 11/17/18/19 Meiringen / Payerne 1 D SA, SU
  F-5E   Patrouille Swiss Emmen 7 D FR, SA, SUN
United Kingdom Hawk T1/T1A/T1W   RAF Scampton   10 D FR
  Wildcat Wildcat Demo Team 825 NAS Yeovilton  1 D TBC
Total         42
Support aircraft
Country Aircraft Wing Squadron Base a/c no. Participant Comment
Czech Republic C-295M 24th Air Transport Base 242.tsl Kbely 1 SP TBC
Finland C-295M Satakunnan Lennosto TukiLLv Tampere 1 SP TBC
Hungary A319 MH 59 3. Szallitó Repülö Század Kecskemét 1 SP TBC
Poland C-295M 8. BLOT 13. ELTr Krakow-Balice 1 SP TBC
Total         4
Participant Display  
D Dynamic  
E Elsewhere  
S Static  
SP Support  
TBC To Be Confirmed  

Note: Several countries support their participating display teams by sending a support aircraft before and after the air show. The aircraft listed in the table "Support aircraft" are assummed to arrive at Kleine Brogel air base. It's unknown if any of these will remain to take part in the Spottersday scheduled for the Saturday (September 11).
NATO Tiger Meet
31 smaldeel will organize an event called 'XTM Joint Jubilee 2021’. The flying exercise will be held between September 7 - 14. The main themes are:

60 years Nato Tiger Association
70 years 31SQN
50 years Sanicole Aeroclub.

Information related to the NTM/XTM participants will be updated when they become available on the website of 31 smaldeel.
Photo gallery: Participants