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Kleine-Brogel spottersday / Sanciole air show 2022
Latest update: June 2022
This year's Kleine-Brogel spottersday / Sanciole air show was held from xx - xx September. The participating aircraft and aircrews left on the Monday.

The Kleine-Brogel spottersday / Sanciole air show participants list relates to all aircraft I have photographed. This might be aircraft who attended Kleine-Brogel spottersday / Sanicole air show (show, support, day visitor) but are not included when not photographed.

For weekly updates (normally starting from early February) please visit the Sanicole / Belgian Spottersday website(s).

Civilian (registrered) participants are not included in below report.
Country Aircraft Number Squadron Wing Regiment Base Operator Display Theme Remark Status original
Belgium A109 1 A-109-displayteam     Beauvechain AF F     Confirmed
Belgium A400M 1 20 Smaldeel 15 Wing   Melsbroek AF F     Confirmed
Belgium F-16AM 1 31 Smaldeel 10 Wing   Kleine-Brogel AF F     Confirmed
Belgium NH-90NFH 1 40 Smaldeel     Koksijde AF F     Confirmed
France Rafale 2 EC 01.004 “Gascogne” EC 02.004 “La Fayette” EC 004   St. Dizier AF F   Team ‘Requin Mike Confirmed
Germany NH90-TTH 1 THR 10     Fassberg AR F     Confirmed
Germany NH90-TTH 1 THR 10     Fassberg AR S     Confirmed
Greece T-6C 2 Daedalus demo team     Kalamáta AF F     Confirmed
Saudi Arabia Hawk Mk.65 7 88 squadron Saudi Hawks (Suqoor)   Tabuk - King Faisal Air Base AF F     Confirmed
Switzerland F/A-18C 2 Hornet display team     Meiringen / Payerne AF F     Confirmed
Turkey NF-5A 6 Turkish Stars     Konya AF F     Confirmed
United Kingdom Wildcat HMA.2 1 825 NAS     RNAS Yeovilton NY F     Confirmed
United States F-35A 1 F-35 Demo team     Hill AFB, UT AF F     Confirmed
Total   27