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Latest update: November 2020
Luxembourg armed forces
Wing Squadron Aircraft Base
15 Wing 20 smaldeel A400M Melsbroek, Belgium
MMU KC-30A KC-30 Eindhoven, Netherlands
MMU KC-30A KC-30 Cologne-Bonn, Germany
NAEW&CF E-3A E-3A Geilenkirchen, Germany

Luxembourg has no air force within its armed forces. However the government participates in several international cooperation programs.

A400M: One bought together with Belgium. Aircraft will be assigned to and operated by 20 smaldeel (squadron).
KC-30: Two bought together with the Netherlands. Aircraft owned by NATO and assigned to the Multinational MRTT Unit with its main operating base at Eindhoven, the Netherlands and forward operation location Cologne-Bonn, Germany.
E-3A: The NATO E-3A AWACS fleet is registrered in the civil aviation register of Luxembourg (prefix LX). All aircraft assigned to the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force (NAEW&CF) based at Geilenkichen, Germany.