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Latest update: January 2022
Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF)
Wing Squadron Aircraft Base Tailcode Command
  7 squadron NH90-NFH De Kooy   DHC
  131 EMVO squadron PC-7 Woensdracht    
  298 squadron CH-47F Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  299 squadron None Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  300 squadron AS532.U2 Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  301 squadron AH-64D Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  302 squadron CH-47F, AH-64D Fort Hood, Texas   DHC
  306 squadron None Leeuwarden    
  312 squadron F-16AM/BM Volkel   ACC
  313 squadron None Volkel   ACC
  322 squadron F-35A Leeuwarden   ACC
  323 TES None Edwards AFB, California    
  334 squadron G-IV Eindhoven   AMC
  336 squadron C-130H, C-130H.30 Eindhoven   AMC
  860 squadron NH90-NFH De Kooy   DHC
56th FW NODF-35 F-35A Luke AFB, Arizona    
162nd FW NDTA F-16AM/BM Tucson IAP, Arizona AZ  

313 squadron made her last flight with the F-16 on December 18, 2020. The squadron will start its transition to the F-35A from January 1, 2021. Volkel will see the arrival of its first Lightning II on June 30, 2022.

Abbr. Full name
ACC Air Combat Command
AMC Air Mobility Command
DHC Defensie Helikopter Commando
NDTA Netherlands Detachment Tucson Arizona.
NODF-35 Nederlands Opleiding Detachement F-35.

Two new commands, ACC and AMC, will be activated alongside the DHC (activated Jule 10, 2008).

For training of air- and ground crews 302 squadron, NDTA and NODF-35 are based in the United States.
Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF): reports
Squadrons 1990 - present Squadron anniversaries RNLAF "elsewhere"

The squadrons 1990 - present report contains the activation and inactivation dates of all squadrons, including the Marineluchtvaartdienst (MLD - RNLN naval aviation service), operational from June 1990.