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Latest update: February 2020
Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF): current
Wing Squadron Aircraft Base Code Command
  7 squadron NH90-NFH De Kooy   DHC
  131 EMVO squadron PC-7 Woensdracht    
  298 squadron CH-47D Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  299 squadron None Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  300 squadron AS532.U2 Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  301 squadron AH-64D Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  302 squadron CH-47F, AH-64D Fort Hood, Texas   DHC
  306 squadron None Leeuwarden    
  312 squadron F-16AM/BM Volkel   ACC
  313 squadron F-16AM/BM Volkel   ACC
  322 squadron F-16AM/BM Leeuwarden   ACC
  323 TES F-35A Edwards AFB, California OT  
  334 squadron G-IV, KDC-10 Eindhoven   AMC
  336 squadron C-130H, C-130H.30 Eindhoven   AMC
  860 squadron NH90-NFH De Kooy   DHC
56th FW NODF-35 F-35A Luke AFB, Arizona    
162nd FW NDTA F-16AM/BM Tucson IAP, Arizona AZ  

A report of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Royal Netherland Navy squadrons operational from 1990 to present contains the activation and inactivation dates.

Please visit the report of the squadrons, RNLAF and RNN, operational from 1990 until present including their activation and deactivation data can be visit

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is in the process of standing up new commends next to the already operational DHC.

ACC: Air Combat Command.
AMC: Air Mobility Command.
DHC: Defence Helicopter Command. 7 and 299 squadrons are training squadron and borrow helicopters from the other squadrons when required.

Two squadrons are embedded within an USAF squadron and are responsible training air- and ground crews.

NODF-35: Nederlands Opleiding Detachement F-35 (Dutch Training Detachment F-35).
NDTA: Netherlands Detachment Tucson Arizona, operating the F-16 (Netherlands Detachment Tucson Arizona).

The Netherlands is a member of the European Air Transport Command (EATC). Missions flown by 334 and 336 squadrons are planned by EATC. The Heavy Airlift Wing based at Pápa Air Base, Hungary provides the RNLAF with an annual allocated slot of flight hours utilizing the C-17A Globemaster III.