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Luchtmachtdagen 2019: Volkel
Latest update: December 2019
The Air Power Demonstration provides the RNLAF and its squadrons to display their capabilities. Its fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft all play a role during the display. The display featured the F-16's (10) performing base attacks, the C-130 Hercules dropping a cargo load and landing and the AS532-U2 Cougar and CH-47D Chinook transport personnel and vehicles as underslung load. Normally the AH-64D Apache provides reconnaissance and close air support but the whole fleet was grounded *. This time the KDC-10 wasn't part of the APW participated in the flying display.

11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade (11 AMB):

The Brigade is a mix of Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) and Air Force (RNLAF) units. 11 Air Assault Brigade (prior 11 Air Mobile Brigade) of the RNLA with RNLAF 298 squadron (CH-47D Chinook), 300 squadron (AS532-U2 Cougar), 301 squadron (AH-64D Apache) and 336 squadron (C-130H and C-130H.30 Hercules transform into 11 AMB when operating together. The C-130's provide airdrop, either cargo or paratroopers, or air landing support inserting personnel or vehicles. Troops and/or equipment can also be flown in by the transport helicopters (air assault) with protection provided by the combat helicopters.

Air Power Demonstration:

The demonstration takes about half an hour. First to take of was one F-35A, the second cancelled its flight **. The Lightning II was followed by 10 F-16s from both Volkel (312 and 313 squadrons) and Leeuwarden (322 squadron). After some passing's a C-130H performed a paradrop of pathfinders 11 Brigade reconnaissance squadron followed by a cargo drop. Then the F-16's returned to perform Close Air Support for the troops on the ground which were reinforced by the Chinook and Cougar helicopters. The APW was concluded by a fly-past by the F-16's with the outer two dispersing their flares and the F-35A closing the formation.

*: On June 5, 2019 the DHC announced that all flight programs were suspended because a problem with the tail rotor had been discovered during maintenance work. On August 12, 2019 the first Apache made a test flight and since all AH-64's have been returned to service.

**: The second F-35A was unserviceable and returned to the USA on July 17, 2019 after it completed its test flights.

Photographs are presented in order of the demonstration.
Photo gallery: Air Power Demonstration