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Slingery Edese heide: January 23
Latest update: January 2019
On January 23, 2019 the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Army together with their German army colleagues held a sling exercise at the Ederheide.
The helicopters departed Gilze-Rijen and flew to Deelen where crews of 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (11LMB - 11 Air Mobile Brigade) prepared all loads. After the sling loads were attached the Chinooks, Cougars and NH90s which were divided into departed to the Ederheide. Three waves were flown during the afternoon from 15.15 until 17.00

Wave 1: three Chinook, one Cougar and two NH90s.
Wave 2: three Chinook, two Cougar and two NH90s.
Wave 3: two NH90s and one Cougar.

After completing the second wave the Chinooks returned to Gilze-Rijen.

After releasing their sling loads the helicopters landed on the heath to board personnel and then departed back to Deelen to pick up the next loads. During the evening another sling exercise took place this time the cargo was picked up at the Edense heide and returned to Deelen.
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Germany NH90-TTH 1 THR 10 Faßberg  
  NH90-TTH 1 THR 30 Niederstetten  
Netherlands AS532.U2 2 300 Squadron Gilze-Rijen  
  CH-47D 2 298 Squadron Gilze-Rijen  
  CH-47F 1 298 Squadron Gilze-Rijen  
Total   7
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