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Exercise Weapon Instructor Standardisation 2021
Latest update: May 2021
Weapon Instructor Standardization 2021
The annual Weapon Instructor Standardization exercise took place in the Maas / Waal area from May 18 - 20. During the three-day exercise weapon instructors assigned to 298 squadron (CH-47D/F Chinook), 300 squadron (AS532-U2 Cougar) and 301 squadron (AH-64D Apache) as well as WIs assigned to the RNLAF headquarters and the staff at the department of defence were trained.

Biennially selected helicopters crews (pilots and loadmasters on the Chinook and Cougar) are trained to become weapon instructors through the Helicopter Weapon Instructor Course (HWIC). The new WIs will train their colleagues within the squadrons. During the Weapon Instructor Standardization (WIS) exercise current WIs are trained themselves. The latest information related to new threats to helicopter (operations) are briefed and one daily mission was flown. These missions were flown by one Cougar, two Chinook and two Apache helicopters. The later providing cover for their transport colleagues. The exercise saw the last operational mission of CH-47D D-666. Nicknamed The Beast the Chinook received special markings in 2020 celebrating the 75th anniversary of 298 squadron. On the third day of the exercise the recently delivered CH-47F made its exercise debut with D-473 assigned the to mission.

For WIS 2021 the Maas / Waal area was selected for the flying program. Known as GLV-IX (laagvlieggebied - low flying area) running just to the south of the Waal at the city of Gorichem towards the Bergsche Maas at Dussen than to the east just above Oss towards Ravenstein than heading north towards Druten / Boven-Leeuwen back to Gorichem. Furthermore, the village of Rijswijk (municipality Buren) was selected for the flying operations. The exercise was supported by PC-7 training aircraft assigned to 131 (EMVO) squadron based at Woensdrecht. The PC-7s were assigned to attack the helicopters. As they are flying at low speed (compared to fighter jets) and their quick turn rate the trainers were able to execute multiple engagements offering added value to the helicopter crews in evading attacks.

Tags: Netherlands, H-47 Chinook, H-64 Apache (Guardian), H215M (AS532 Cougar).
Photo gallery: Rijswijk May 20, 2021