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 European Air Refuelling Training 2017
Published: April 2017
Participants European Air Refuelling Training 2017

Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
France C-135FR 1 GRV 02.091 Istres Boom, Drogue & Hose
Germany A310MRTT 1 BMVg Koln-Bonn Drogue & Hose
Italy KC-76A 1 14° Stormo Pratica di Mare Boom, Drogue & Hose
Netherlands KDC-10 1 334 squadron Eindhoven Boom
EART 2017 Photo gallery
French Air Force C-135FR GRV 02.091 German Air Force A310MRTT BMVg Italian Air Force KC-767A 14° Stormo
Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 334 squadron. A310MRTT ready for departure with the C-135FR lined up runway 21.   RNLAF KDC-10 first to depart
 followed by the German AF A310MRTT  and the French AF C-135FR.