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Exercise Falcon Autumn
Latest update: November 2022
Falcon Leap is an exercise organized by Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (11 LMB - 11 Air Mobile Brigade).
Falcon Autumn participants
Country Aircraft 2022 2018
Germany NH90-TTH No Yes
Netherlands C-130H(.30) No Yes
  ASS532.U2 Yes Yes
  CH-47D No Yes
  CH-47F Yes No
  AH-64D Yes Yes
  NH90-NFH Yes No
Poland Mi-8M Yes No
  Mi-8T Yes No
United States CH-47F Yes No
  UH-60M Yes No
  AH-64D Yes No

TBC: To Be Confirmed.

Tags: Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United States
Falcon Leap exercises
Falcon Autumn 2022 Falcon Autumn 2018
Photo gallery Falcon Autumn participants
Germany NH90-TTH Netherlands C-130 Hercules Netherlands AS532.U2
Netherlands CH-47D Netherlands CH-47F Netherlands AH-64D
Netherlands NH90-NFH Poland Mi-8MT United States CH-47F
United States UH-60M United States AH-64D