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Falcon Leap 2016
Latest update: September 2016
The annual Falcon Leap exercise organized by the Royal Netherlands Army, 11 Air Mobile Brigade together with their Royal Netherlands Air Force colleagues from 336 squadron took place from September 14 until September 16.
Participants Falcon Leap 2016
Operating from Eindhoven Air Base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Germany C-160D 1 LTG 61 Landsberg  
  C-160D 1 LTG 63 Hohn  
Netherlands C-130H 1 336 squadron Eindhoven  
  C-130H.30 1 336 squadron Eindhoven  
Poland C-295M 1 13 ELTr Krakow-Balice  
United States C-130J.30 1 37th AS Ramstein  
Total   6
Missions and jump locations 
Jump locations: Date Executed missions: Planned missions: Mission rate
Houtdorperveld September 14   2 0,00%
Deelen September 14   1 0,00%
Deelen September 14   1 0,00%
Ginkelse heide September 15   2 0,00%
Houtdorperveld September 16 Cancelled 2  
Deelen September 16 Unknown 1  
Total   0 9 0,00%
Falcon Leap participants Army
Country: Division, Brigade, Regiment Barracks (HQ):
Belgium 3 Bataljon Parachutisten Tielen
Canada 3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment (3 R22eR) Valcartier, Québec
Germany Luftlandebrigade 1, RGT 31 Stadtallendorf
Italy Brigata Paracadutisti Tuscany, Lazio and Veneto
Netherlands 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade Schaarsbergen
Poland 6 Brygady Powietrznodesantowej Krakow
United Kingdom The Parachute Regiment, 4 PARA (battalion) Pudsey, West Yorkshire
United States 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division Fort Bragg, North Carolina
United States 56th Troop Command (US Army National Guard) Fogarty Armory, Rhode Island
Photo gallery participants Falcon Leap
Belgian Air Force C-130H 20 Smaldeel. German Air Force Transall LTG 61 German Air Force Transall LTG 63
Polish Air Force C-295M 8 BLTr Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H-30
United Kingdom Hercules C.4 United States C-130J-30  
Photo gallery Houtdorperveld September 14
Photo gallery Ginkelse heide September 15

The formation order: Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H-30 and C-130H, USAFE C-130J-30, Polish Air Force C-292M and German Air Force C-160D (LTG 63 and LTG 61). Photo gallery presented in the same order.