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Frisian Flag information
Latest update: October 2021
Aircraft arrivals and departures
Aircraft will arrive on the Thursday and Friday in the week prior to the exercise. The German Air Force until 2019 arrived with most of their aircraft on the Thursday with the remaining aircraft on the Friday. USAF F-15 and F-16 squadrons arrived earlier depending on their Operation Atlantic Resolve tasking and depending on their arrival date at Leeuwarden flew local missions before Frisian Flag. The other participants usually arrive on the Friday.
Aircraft viewing
With the arrival of the F-35A several places where viewing or photographing aircraft was possible these are now off limits (land owned by the deparment of defense). Signs have been placed at entrance roads and in fields. These areas are enforced by both civilian and military police.

During the exercise period (including the arrival days) safety meassures related to traffic and parking are in place at the roads surrounding the base.

Runway 05: here the so-called spotters hill is located with a limited number of parking spaces for cars. A farmer opened his field where cars can be parked for a small daily fee. From here you can position yourself on the hill or the road to the hill but not in the fields adjecente to the runway (see above).

Runway 23:

The perimeter road adjecent to the N357 (Leeuwarden - Stiens) is available for parking on the east side of the road). From here you can position yourself along the parallel road or on the bike path heading into Jelsum.

Actual viewing, safety, take-off and landing information:

The actual viewing and safety meassures are communicated by the communcation section of Leeuwarden Air Base. These are also shared by aviation website like Aviation Group Leeuwarden (AGL) and Scramble. Leeuwarden AB also communicates the take off and recovery times of the morning and afternoon waves as well as the runway in use.

Please check the website of the Department of Defense or follow Leeuwarden Air Base on Twitter @VlbLeeuwarden.