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Netherlands: exercise(s) 2020:
Latest update: February 2020.
Falcon Leap 2020 Frisian Flag 2020 Swift Blade 2020
Defender Europe 20    
Exercise notes:

Falcon Leap 2020 (September 16 - 18).

Frisian Flag 2020 (March 23 until April 3).

Swift Blade 2020: Will be organized by the DHC and hosted at Gilze-Rijen Air Base in April (the exercise period hasn't been published yet).

Defender Europe 20: US Army exercise from February until July 2020. Planned to participate are 37.000 troops (20.000 from the USA and 17.000 from several NATO countries) with exercises held in several NATO countries.
The Netherlands will support transportation of personnel and equipment other European countries.