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Swift Blade 2020
Latest update: January 2020
Gilze-Rijen will host exercise Swift Blade in April 2020. The exercise is reported to take place from April 13 - 30.

Information about the exercise, dates and participants, is currently unknown. The page will be updated when information becomes available.
Participants Swift Blade 2020
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Austria         TBC
Belgium         TBC
Germany         TBC
Hungary         TBC
Italy         TBC
Netherlands AS-532U2   300 squadron Gilze-Rijen TBC
  CH-47D   298 squadron Gilze-Rijen TBC
  AH-64D   301 squadron Gilze-Rijen TBC
Slovakia         TBC
Sweden         TBC
Total   0


Above countries were mentioned in a tweet by the Belgian Air Component. Helicopter specialist of these countries attended the planning conference. Missions will be flown in both Belgium and The Netherlands.
Swift Blade photo gallery