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Swift Blade 2020 **CANCELLED**
Latest update: March 2020
The exercise planned to be held from April 13 until April 30 was cancelled by the Department of Defence due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Gilze-Rijen would have hosted the participating helicopters with flying operations taking place in Belgium and The Netherlands..

(Low) flying areas: Swift Blade exercise locations (Netherlands only).

Participants: Below countries were mentioned in a tweet by the Belgian Air Component. Helicopter specialist of these countries attended the planning conference. Missions will be flown in both Belgium and The Netherlands.
"Planned" Participants Swift Blade 2020
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Austria AB212 2 lTHSSta Tulln-Langenlebarn  
  OH-58B 2 mTHSSta Tulln-Langenlebarn  
  S-70A 1 mTHSSta Tulln-Langenlebarn  
Belgium A109HA 3 17 Smaldeel Beauvechain  
  NH90-TTH 2 18 Smaldeel Beauvechain  
Germany NH90-TTH 10 THR-10, THR-30    
  Tiger 2 KHR36 Fritzlar  
Hungary Mi-24P/V 2 87HE Szolnok  
Netherlands AS-532U2 2 300 squadron Gilze-Rijen  
  CH-47D 2 298 squadron Gilze-Rijen  
  AH-64D 4 301 squadron Gilze-Rijen  
  NH90-NFH 1 860 squadron De Kooy  
Portugal EH101 1 Esq751 Montijo  
Slovakia UH-60M 1 1. Vrtul'niková letka Presov  
Slovenia AS532AL 1 152Le Ljubljana (Brnik)  
Total   36