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Latest update: February 2020
Royal Netherlands Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht - KLu)
Wing Squadron Aircraft Base Code Command
  7 squadron NH90-NFH De Kooy   DHC
  131 EMVO squadron PC-7 Woensdracht    
  298 squadron CH-47D Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  299 squadron None Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  300 squadron AS532.U2 Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  301 squadron AH-64D Gilze-Rijen   DHC
  302 squadron CH-47F, AH-64D Fort Hood, Texas   DHC
  306 squadron None Leeuwarden    
  313 squadron F-16AM/BM Volkel    
  312 squadron F-16AM/BM Volkel    
  322 squadron F-16AM/BM Leeuwarden    
  323 TES F-35A Edwards AFB, California OT  
  334 squadron G-IV, KDC-10 Eindhoven    
  336 squadron C-130H, C-130H.30 Eindhoven    
  860 squadron NH90-NFH De Kooy   DHC
56th FW NODF-35 F-35A Luke AFB, Arizona    
162nd FW NTDA F-16AM/BM Tucson IAP, Arizona AZ  

For an overview of squadrons (including the former Marine Luchtvaart Dienst) from the 1990 please visit: Royal Netherlands Air Force and Naval Air Service squadrons 1990 - present

7 squadron:

Borrows helicopters from 860 squadron when required.

299 squadron:

Deactivated as an operational squadron (BO-105) on January 13, 2003 and was re-activated on July 4, 2008 as a training squadron. Helicopters from colleague 298, 300 or 301 squadrons are borrowed when needed.

306 squadron reactivated at Leeuwarden Air Base on Friday September 14, 2018. Four MQ-9 Reapers are purchased which will be delivered from mid 2020. Currently the squadron (since December 2016) employs image analysts and intelligence specialists.

An USAF MQ-9 Reaper on static display at Luchtmachtdagen 2013 held at Volkel Air Base.

NODF-35 (Nederlands Opleiding Detachement F-35):

The detachment is integrated within the 308th Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Wing Luke AFB, Arizona. Expected in 2020 the unit will have eight F-35A's on strength. These are the aircraft build at Fort Worth, Texas. Two aircraft are currently assigned to 323 TES Edwards AFB, California and operated in the joint F-35 Operational Test & Development phase.

NDTA (Netherlands Detachment Tucson Arizona):

The detachment is integrated within the 148th FS, 162 FW of the Arizona ANG. NDTA is responsible for training new F-16 pilots, training of F-16 instructor pilots and proficiency training for current F-16 pilots. Ten F-16's are assigned to the unit.
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7 squadron 131 (EMVO) squadron 298 squadron
300 squadron 301 squadron 312 squadron
313 squadron 322 squadron 323 TES
334 squadron 334 squadron 336 squadron
 860 squadron  148th FS