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Royal Netherlands Air Force Project Afstoting F-16 (PAF) Photoshoot
Latest update: August 2017
Spotting Group Volkel and Volkel Air Base organized a Project Afstoting F-16 (PAF) photo shoot on Wednesday April 13, 2016. The date was chosen because the resident F-16s and its crews were taking part in exercise Frisian Flag reducing missions at Volkel to (almost) zero *.
PAF (Project Disposal F-16) is responsible for the F-16s withdrawn from use and sold to other nations. Currently 15 F-16s are awaiting their delivery to the air force of Jordan.

The "Safari park"  flight line, once home to 306 squadron, was used as the location for the photo shoot and the personnel of Volkel managed to tow 19 F-16s to the flight line. On several spots ladders were placed allowing for photographs under different angles and also several canopies were opened.

The F-16s towed to "Safari park" were drawn from:

F-16 allocation F-16A F-16AM F-16B F-16BM Total
PAF   11   2 13
PAF reserve   1     1
312 / 313 squadron       1 1
Preserved /Stored 2 1 1   4
Total 2 13 1 3 19

Note: two PAF F-16AMs were not available but this was compensated by towing two other F-16s including the operational 312/313 F-16AM to the flight line.

*: The Royal Netherlands Air Force also maintained its Task Force Middle East detachment with personnel and aircraft from both F-16s bases.

Thanks to Spotting Group Volkel, Volkel Air Base and its personnel for organizing the excellent PAF F-16 photo shoot.
Photo gallery "PAF F-16"
J-057 J-145 J-193
J-199 J-208 J-510
J-623 J-868 J-870
J-872 J-873 J-876
Photo gallery "other" F-16s
J-202 J-222 J-229 "78-0229 / 80229"
J-268  J-368   J-647
Photo gallery
Overview of the "Safari park" flight line with 17 of the 19 F-16s.  Welcome to the flight line headed by a F-16BM destined for Jordan.  View of the flightline with two F-16s wearing the (disbanded) 306 Squadron batch.
F-16AM withdrawn from service and wearing the 306 squadron batch adorned  with a fuel tank from 313 'Tiger' squadron.
One of the RNLAF F-16Bs which was not  upgraded to the F-16BM MLU standard. and upgraded F-16BM.
  Different configurations applied to the F-16s.