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Chinook navigation flight, Soesterberg October 31
Latest update: October 2019
On October 31 one of the Defence Helicopter Command 298 squadron CH-47D Chinooks was tasked with a long mission. During the morning they left home base Gilze-Rijen to support a Marine Corps fast roping exercise in Breda. They then continued for a navigation training exercise throughout a large part of the Netherlands. From Breda they first headed to Woensdrecht AB and then routing The Hague, Rotterdam, Schiphol Internal Airport before arriving at former RNLAF base Soesterberg. It's now the location of the National Military Museum (NMM).
Before the Chinook was parked on the ramp in front of the museum one of the loadmasters was dropped of in the heath to guide the helicopter to its parking spot. After their stop at Soesterberg the crew, due to its mission tasking, consisting of seven pilots and loadmasters continued to northern Netherlands. Planned were approaches at De Kooy, were DHC 7 and 860 squadrons are stationed with the NH90-NFH and then Leeuwarden AB in time before the arrival of the first Dutch based F-35A Lightning II. A visit to one of the Veluwe low flying training areas was also planned. Somewhere during the (late) afternoon the Chinook was expected back at Gilze-Rijen after completing its long mission.

Below photographs have been taken during arrival, stop and departure and are presented in that order.
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