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PS Aero, Baarlo
Latest update: December 2022
Piet Smedts Aero (PS Aero) is a former car dealer who had an interest in aviation. He turned his hobby into work and decided to stop with his dealership and completely focus on trading in former, mostly, military aircraft.

At his premises in Baarlo (address: Napoleonsbaan zuid 27c, 5991 NB Baarlo) several military and a few civilian registered aircraft are preserved. The collection can vary as aircraft are sold or preserved at other locations. The company also offers its aircraft, helicopters for movies.

A tour can be booked by visiting the PS, Aero website. The tour starts with a movie about PS Aero and then continues with a visit to the hangars and outside location where the aircraft are put on display.

The below report covers the aircraft photographed on July 6, 2022. It's not uncommon for aviation museums or locations where aircraft are preserved to change the serials. The same applies to PS Aero. The table contains the displayed serial as worn on the aircraft during the visit.

The remarks have been updated in December 2002. However, the table will not be maintained. At the Scramble website their Baarlo & Kessel collection topic can be visited.

Civilian registrered aircraft are not included in the report.
PS Aero collection, July 6, 2022
Country: Original serial Displayed serial Code Aircraft type: C/N Remarks:
Belgium MT-9 MT-48   CM-170R 266  
Czech Republic 2422     Mig-23ML 0390322422  
Czech Republic 2423     Mig-23ML 0390322423 Ex Teuge.
Germany 40+65     Alpha Jet 0065  
Germany   30+39   EF-2000 017 Bae Typhoon (test ridge), c/n 017 (TR001). 
            The real 30+39 was WFU at Neuburg 04-2020.
Germany 22+65 21+73   F-104G 7146  
Germany 23+92     F-104G 8102  
Germany 25+61     F-104G 9007  
Germany 26+30 26+44   F-104G 9182 Left PS Aero 07.09.22. To Pima Air and Space Museum
            Tucson, Arizona.
Germany 31+21     G-91R/3 D388  
Germany 94+51     Mi-2 563403034  
Germany 24 11     Mig-21US 06685139  
Germany       Su-22M-4    
Germany 25 06     Su-22M-4 25513 Ex NVA 370.
Netherlands B-63     BO-105CB S-263  
Poland 1809     Mig-21M 961809  
Poland 2007     Mig-21M 962007 Left PS Aero 02.11.22
Poland 9105     Mig-21MF 969105  
United Kingdom (XX974)   FE Jaguar GR.3A S96 Serial not worn. Code on nosewheel door
United Kingdom   2506   Lynx AH.7   ZD273, ZD277 or ZD282. See note Lynx AH.7
United Kingdom XX947 98+08   Tornado P03  
United Kingdom XS570   445 Wasp HAS.1 F9581 HMS Plymouth. 
United States 64-0745     F-4C 1028 Ex Spangdahlem AB gate guard.
Lynx AH.7
Country: Original serial Displayed serial Code Aircraft type: C/N Remarks:
United Kingdom XZ176     Lynx AH.7 37 Wieringerwerg. Left Baarlo 05-2017.
United Kingdom XZ182   Z Lynx AH.7 58 Mariekerke. Ex AAC..
United Kingdom XZ641     Lynx AH.7 172 Unknown. L/N PS Aero, 05-2020.
United Kingdom XZ669   I Lynx AH.7 230 Weeze. Ex AAC.
United Kingdom ZD273   E Lynx AH.7 275 Unknown. L/N PS Aero  10-2017 with tailboom 
            of XZ680. Ex RM.
United Kingdom ZD277   U Lynx AH.7 290 Unknown. L/N PS Aero, 04-2017. Ex AAC.
United Kingdom ZD282     Lynx AH.7 306 Unknown. L/N PS Aero, 05-2020. Ex RM.
It's unknown what the real identity is of Lynx AH.7 The above listed helicopters have been at PS Aero. Three are preserved at the locations listed. The helicopters were operated by the Army Air Corps (AAC) or Royal Marines (RM).
Photo gallery
Belgian Air Force CM-170R Fouga as MT-9 in the colors of the red devil display team. Czech Air Force Mig-23ML 2422.

Czech Air Force Mig-23ML 2423 which was previously on display at Teuge airfield.
German Air Force Alpha Jet, 40+65.

Germany F-104G displayed as "21+73",  former 22+65. Germany F-104G 23+92.

Germany F-104G 25+61.

Germany F-104G displayed as "26+44", former 26+30. Germany G-91R/3 31+21.
 Germany Mi-2 94+51. Germany Mig-21US 24 11  Germany Su-22M-4. Serial unknown
Germany Su-22M-4 as 25 06. Ex NVA 370. Netherlands BO-105CB, B-63.  Poland Mig-21M 1809.
 Poland Mig-21MF 2007.  Poland Mig-21MF 9105.  United Kingdom Jaguar GR.3A
United Kingdom Tornado XX947 displayed as GAF *98+08* (WTD-61). United Kingdom Lynx AH.7 serial unknown. United Kingdom Wasp HAS.1 XS570/445.
United States F-4C 64-0745. Once the gate guard at Spangdahlem Air Base.