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Soesterberg outside display August 18
Latest update: November 2020
Several aircraft are stored in the hangar of the National Military Museum in Soesterberg. One of them is the Catalina seaplane. As it had to be transported to Nieuw Vennep for restoration it had to be towed from the depot hangar. Therefore several other aircraft were towed outside. These were towed to the apron infront of the museum where some of the other preserved aircraft are displayed year round.

On display were: F-4E Phantom II, NF-5A Freedom Fighter, RF-84F Thunderstreak, F-86K Sabre, TF-104G Starfighter, Hunter F.4, US-2N Tracker, S-14 Machtrainer, T-37B Tweet. The Mig-21A and F-102A Delta Dagger can be viewed all year as well as a Fokker 25 and BR.1150 Atlantic who are parked under the roof of the museum. A F-86F and F-86K Sabre is preserved on a pole between the museum and depot.
Display 2020
Country Aircraft Serial Code Squadron markings Comment
Netherlands NF-5B K-4011   316 squadron  
  RF-84F P-5 TP-19   51-11253
  F-86K Q-305     Ex Italian Air Force: MM6217 (MM53-8305). MDAP 53-8305.
  TF-104G D-5803      
  Hunter F.4 N-122      
  US-2N 160     Ex U.S. Navy 148282
  S14 L-11      
United States F-4E 67-0275 CR 32 TFS Never flew for 32 TFS. Was assigned to 35 TFS, 3 TFW, George AFB, CA.
  F-86F 52-5385 FU-385   Ex Portugeuse Air Force 5307. MDAP 52-5180. Displayed as 25385.
  F-102A 61032     Ex Greek Air Force 61052.  MDAP 56-1052.
  T-37B 65-10825 EN    
Unknown Mig-21   47 rd    

Above report only relates to aircraft I photographed.
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