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Latest update: April 2021
Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF): current
Wing Squadron Aircraft Base
132 Luftving 331 Skv F-16AM/BM Bodø Air Station
132 Luftving 332 Skv F-35A Ørland Air Station
133 Luftving 333 Skv P-3C/N Andoya
135 Luftving 335 Skv C-130J Station Group Gardermoen
135 Luftving 717 Skv Falcon 20 Station Group Gardermoen
139 Luftving 330 Skv AW101 Sola
139 Luftving 334 Skv NH90-NFH Haakonsvern
139 Luftving 337 Skv NH90-NFH Bardufoss Air Station
139 Luftving 339 Skv Bell 412HP Bardufoss Air Station
  Luftforsvarets Flygeskole T-17 Bardufoss Air Station
56 FW 62 FS F-35A Luke AFB, Arizona

Most of the F-35A's will be stationed at Ørland Air Station with a QRA detachement Evenes Air Base in Northern Norway from 2021. Evenes will also be home to the P-8A Poseidon, five aircraft are on order.
Bodø Air Station provided the QRA and the F-16's will continue to operate from the base until they are withdrawn from service.