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309th AMARG, Davis Monthan AFB
Latest update: May 2020
309th AMARG is housed on the eastern part of Davis Monthan Air Force Base. AMARG is more known as the boneyard where the US armed forces and occasionally other countries store their aircraft in the desert. In the months of January through May 2020 on average of 3.264 were listed on the inventory of 309th AMARG.

The facility, through nearby Pima Air & Space museum, offers a bus tour twice a day during business days. Photos can be taken during the tour. Due to security restrictions you will need to apply (and pay) in advance. Our planning didn't allow to register for a bus tour. Instead we decided to book a flight with Double Eagle Aviation located on Tucson international airport. For roughly one hour they will take you over AMARG to photograph the stored aircraft. Several tracks are flown to get you the pictures you want. We didn't have to ask for anything as our pilot knew precisely what we wanted from departure until our arrival back at Tucson IAP. Thanks Erik for the great flight.
After we departed Double Eagle aviation we headed towards AMARG to take some photos from the outside. Please note that only a part of the stored aircraft can be viewed / photographed from the outside.
AMARG from the air AMARG from the ground