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Davis Monthan AFB
Latest update: April 2020
Davis Monthan AFB is an Air Combat Command installation with the 355th Wing the tenant unit. However the base is most likely more known for AMARG nicknamed the boneyard.

The 355th Operations Group has two A-10C squadrons assigned. Its 354th FS is tasked with Close Air Support (CAS), Forward Air Control (FAC) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR). 357th FS is responsible for training A-10 pilots. Its 563rd Rescue Group has two squadrons assigned specialized in CSAR operations. The HH-60G Pave Hawks can be refuelled by the HC-130J Combat King II.

Other tenants are:

55th Wing is stationed at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. Its 55th Electronic Combat Group is stationed at Davis Monthan AFB with the EC-130H Compass Call tasked with electronic attack missions.

Air Force Reserve Command has its 924th Fighter Group stationed at Davis-Monthan with one squadron flying the A-10C. Parent 944th Fighter Wing is stationed at Luke AFB.

Arizona Air National Guard 163nd Wing with its 214th Attack Group operating the MQ-9A UAV.

Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Tail code Nickname
355th WG 355th OG 354th FS A-10C DM Bulldogs
355th WG 355th OG 357th FS A-10C DM Dragons
355th WG 563rd RQG  55th RQS HH-60G DM Night Hawks
355th WG 563rd RQG  79th RQS HC-130J DM Desert Knights
55th WG 55th ECG 41st ECS EC-130H DM Scorpions
55th WG 55th ECG 43rd ECS EC-130H DM Bats
920th RQW 943rd RQG 305th RQS HH-60G DR Anytime Anywhere
944th FW 924th FG 47th FS A-10C DP Dogpatchers
162nd WG 214th ATKGR 214th ATKS MQ-9A   The Black Sheep
309th AMARG   309th AMARG Various aircraft    

During our visit one A-10C assigned to the 163rd FS, Indiana ANG flew with the local A-10's. Another non resident A-10C arrived from the east coast. The Maryland ANG Wing commander marked aircraft arrived for storage at AMARG. Arriving at the end of the morning was a T-38C stationed at Randolph AFB, Texas.
Photo gallery
357th FS A-10C 41st/43rd ECS EC-130H Compass Call 47th FS A-10C
Dogpatchers A-10C's returning to base. Indiana ANG IN 163rd FS A-10C Maryland 104th FS A-10C.
Assigned to the 559th FS the Randolph based T-38C on final approach.