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Latest update: April 2020
In the desert of Arizona Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma is home to Marine Air Wing 3. Its Marine Air Group 13 has five squadrons assigned. These are equipped with the AV-8NB Harrier, F-35B Lightning II and the RQ-7B UAV. Other tenants are Marine MAW-4 equipped with the F-5N (former Swiss Air Force F-5E) and assigned to aggressor role, VMX-1 with its helicopters (its F-35B's are stationed at Edwards AFB), VMU-1 flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the H&HS.
The MAG-13 squadrons, as well as their sisters, have of will transition from the F/A-18C/D Hornet and AV-8B Harrier II to the F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) variant, and the F-35C carrier variant (CV). F-35B's will operate from US Navy Amphibious Assault Ships and deploy as part of a Marine Expeditionary Unit. F-35C's will operate from US Navy Aircraft Carriers and deploy as part of a Carrier Air Wing.

MCAS Yuma based squadrons:

Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Code Nickname
MAW-3 MAG-13 VMFA-122 F-35B DC-xx The Flying leathernecks
MAW-3 MAG-13 VMFA-211 F-35B CF-xx Wake Island Avengers
MAW-3 MAG-13 VMA-214 AV-8B/B+/B+(R) WE-xx Black Sheep
MAW-3 MAG-13 VMA-311 AV-8B/B+/B+(R) WL-xx Tomcats
MAW-3 MAG-13 VMU-1 RQ-7B WG-xx Watchdogs
MAW-4 MAG-41 VMFT-401 F-5N LS-xx Snipers
  MAWTS-1 VMX-1 AH-1Z MV-xx Mihi Cura Futuri
  MAWTS-1 VMX-1 UH-1Y MV-xx Mihi Cura Futuri
  MAWTS-1 VMX-1 MV-22B MV-xx Mihi Cura Futuri
    H&HS UC-12F 5Y  
    H&HS HH-1N 5Y  
Abbr. Full squadron name      
H&HS Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron    
VMA Marine Attack Squadron  
VMFA Marine Fighter Attack Squadron  
VMFT Marine Fighter Training Squadron  
VMU Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron  
VMX Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron  

MCAS Yuma is also home to the Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course and support other visiting squadrons to support their training operations over the nearby Arizona ranges. During our visit MCAS hosted below squadrons:

Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Code Nickname MCAS
MAW-2 MAG-14 VMAT-203 (T)AV-8B/B+ KD-xx Hawks MCAS Cherry Point, NC
MAW-3 MAG-39 HMLA-469 UH-1Y SE-xx Vengeance MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA
MAW-3 MAG-39 HMLA-469 AH-1W SE-xx Vengeance MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA
Photo gallery MCAS Yuma squadrons
F-35B assigned to VMFA-122. F-35B assigned to VMFA-211. AV-8B assigned to VMA-214.
AV-8B assigned to VMA-311 . F-5N assigned to VMFT-401. AH-1Z assigned to VMX-1. 
MV-22B assigned to VMX-1.     
Photo gallery VMFT-401 aggressor F-5N's
Photo gallery visiting squadrons
AV-8B assigned to VMAT-203.  TAV-8B assigned to VMAT-203. AH-1Z assigned to HMLA-469.
UH-1Y assigned to HMLA-469.