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Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach
Latest update: April 2020
Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach (NOLF Imperial Beach) is located near San Diego. From nearby NAS North Island the stationed Helicopter Sea Combat Squadrons (HSC) operating the MH-60S and the Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) operating the MH-60R use the field for their training. Both approaches and hovers on the several helicopter landing spots are trained. Operating from USCG Station San Diego are its MH-60T's.

A nature reserve, stay on the paths and be aware of rattle snakes, offers a view on NOLF Imperial Beach.

Below photos are made during a visit in January.
Photo gallery
MH-60S departing the NOLF.

MH-60R over the NOLF.

A MH-60R (back) and MH-60S (front) during their training mission.
The MH-60R has is aft wheel located underneath the fuselage.

While the MH-60S has its aft wheel almost underneath its tail.

Joining the pattern for work the centennial MH-60T of USCG station San Diego.