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North Las Vegas Airport
Latest update: April 2020
The general aviation airfield is, as the name already states, located in the northern part of Las Vegas. Its home to the Nevada Army National Guard B/3-140 Avn (Poised To Strike) and D/3-140 Avn (Desert Hawks). Both are equipped with the UH-72A Lakota the US Army designation for the Airbus helicopter H145. The Delta company flies the medevac outfitted Lakota's.

The airfield offers several views including a viewing area and an observation deck. The latter can be found in the terminal's Sunshine & Tailwinds Cafe. The restaurant has a collection of scale models and patches. Besides the memorabilia you can enjoy breakfast or lunch. Not aviation related we enjoyed our nice breakfast here as well as the talk with the nice staff.

Besides all business and smaller aircraft some former military aircraft can be found at the airport. Near the control tower a former Bulgarian Air Force L-29 is parked. The Delfin still carriers its former owners' registration and colors. One of the ramps to the left of the terminal houses two former Romanian Air Force aircraft as well as a former Finish Air Force L-90 Redigo. Continuing the journey, you can enter the parking lot (viewing area) from where the Lakota's can be seen if they are outside.

North Las Vegas Airport hosted deployments of Royal Canadian Air Force helicopters in the past. When we departed from Nellis AFB after the Red Flag 20-1 participants were back on the deck we saw a flight of four helicopters heading to the airport. We were already on our way there. The journey between both takes about 20 minutes depending on the amount of traffic. When we arrived the Royal Canadian Air Force had arrived with four of their CH-146 Griffon (Bell 412EP). The week prior we a RCAF C-17A Globemaster III arrived at Nellis AFB and departed a few hours later.
Photo gallery: RCAF CH-146
One of the Griffons after it arrived at the end of the afternoon. All four were parked on the apron in
front of the tower.
Photo gallery: former military aircraft
"Bulgarian Air Force" L-29 Delfin. "Finnish Air Force" L-90TP Redigo. "Romanian Air Force" IAR823.
"Romanian Air Force" IAR823.