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Latest update: March 2020
Palmdale regional airport is home to three aircraft companies (Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman), Air Force Plant 42 and two aviations museums (Blackbird Airpark and Joe Davies Heritage Airpark). The B-2A Spirit was build here and currently Northrop Grumman is producing the RQ-4 Global Hawk and has started work on the B-21A Raider EMD phase.
Photo gallery Palmdale
C-130H assigned to 115th AS and its colleague wearing a MAFFS code during approaches
followed by their Marine Corps colleague with the KC-130T.  
Three C-130 Hercules visited for multiple approaches. The first two C-130H's were assigned to California ANG 115th Airlift Squadron / 146th Airlift Wing stationed at Channel Island ANGB. The base is more known as US Navy Base Point Mugu which has been renamed to Naval Base Ventura County. The third Hercules a KC-130T was assigned to USMC squadron VMGR-452 stationed at Stewart IAP, New York.

164th AW is one of four airlift wings, three from the Air National Guard and one from Air Force Reserve Command, tasked with firefighting duties. Each wing has two Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) units to be loaded onboard the Hercules. Hercules assigned to the MAFFS role carry large orange codes.

MAFFS airlift wings:

Command Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Code Base State
ANG 146th AW   115th AS C-130J.30   Naval Base Ventura County California
ANG 152nd AW   192nd AS C-130H   Reno / Tahoe IAP Nevada
ANG 153rd AW   187th AS C-130H   Cheyenne Wyoming
AFRC 302nd AW   731st AS C-130H   Peterson AFB Colorado

Around the Palmdale regional airport two heritage parks can be found as well as two preserved aircraft at Lockheed Martin and a preserved F-4 Phantom in the nearby city of Lancaster.
Blackbird Airpark
A-12 and SR-71A (left) SR-71A Blackbird U-2 Dragon Lady
Joe Davies Heritage Airpark
YA-4C Skyhawk B-52F Stratofortress F-14D Tomcat
F-100D Super Sabre F-104C Starfighter