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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
Latest update: March 2020
With the closure of Air Force Bases after several Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) some of them have found a new live and were transformed into a civilian airport.

In 1993 Williams Air Force Base closed as an USAF installation. The property was transferred to civilian authorities and in March 1994 Williams Gateway Airport opened. The airport name was changed to the current Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in 2008.
Williams AFB was home to the 82nd Flying Training Wing (FTW) until June 30, 1993. The wing transferred to Sheppard AFB, Texas where it has been redesignated 82nd Training Wing. 82nd FTW had five squadrons assigned equipped with the T-37B Tweet and T-38A Talon.

In honor of the 82nd FTW a T-38A has been preserved near the viewing area.

Military aircraft still find their way to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. It's used by training aircraft of Air Education & Training Command during navigation flights. These either make a fuel stop or remain overnight continuing to their next stop the following day. Other aircraft use the airport for lunch- and/or refuelling stops.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport offers a restaurant with adjacent viewing area with a small hill which enables to photograph over the fence on the taxiway. How stepladders are recommended which are not allowed to be placed close to the fence.

Below photos are made during multiple visits in January and February.
Photo gallery
A VMGR-452 KC-130T taxies out.  Preparing to depart are a F/A-18E  and F/A-18F both assigned to VFA-122
Just after its colleagues departed
another VFA-122 F/A-18F arrived
An AV-8B Harrier assigned to VFA-311 sits on the ramp.
Two T-38C Talons from Randolph AFB are parked up for the day.  After a short stop the third Super Hornet departs.