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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Latest update: April 2020
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is home to the 197th ARS, 161st ARW "Copperheads" of the Arizona Air National Guard. The squadron is flying the KC-135R. The airport has three runways of which two are located on the south side, runways 7R-25L and 7L-25R. On the north side runway 8-26 is located. The Arizona ANG operates from the southeastern side of the airport. On the south side the general aviation traffic is handled as well as most of the visiting military aircraft.

No less than eight T-6A's from the 80th Flying Training Wing had arrived for a night stop. The wing and its squadrons conduct navigation flights throughout the United States. The T-6A's were a mix of its 89th FTS (red fin tip) and 459th FS (green fin tip). On the same apron one of the five Royal Canadian Air Force CC-150's (one VIP, two passenger transport, two MRTT) of 437 transport squadron was parked. On the other side of the parallel 7-25 runways a C-17A from the 305th AMW was present. The USAF, Special Operations Command, operated the C-145A (M-28 Skytruck) of which 17 were bought from the Polish manufacturer PZL Mielec. Nine were stored at 309th AMARG at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona. Five of these were still stored by April 15, 2020. Other found their way to civilian operators of which one was parked at Phoenix Sky Harbor still wearing its former military registration. Two have been sold to the Estonian Air Force.

United States Air Force:
Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Tail code Nickname AFB
305th AMW   6th AS C-17A   Bully Beef express JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ
80th FTW   89th FTS T-6A EN Sheppard AFB, TX Banshees
80th FTW   459th FTS T-6A EN Sheppard AFB, TX  
Royal Canadian Air Force:
Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Tail code Nickname AFB
8 Wing 437 Squadron CC-150 Polaris   Husky CFB Trenton, ONT
Special marked 459th FTS T-6A Texan

Due to the number of visiting aircraft and the special marked T-6A which was placed as second on the apron we decided for an early visit the next day. We arrived on time to catch the departures of the Texans and the Globemaster.
Photo gallery: Day 1
An 89th FTS T-6A first on the line of eight Texans from the 80th FTW. One of the two RCAF CC-150 MRTT's.
Once military now civil M-28 (C-145A). Other view of the T-6A line.  
Photo gallery: Day 2
The Texans of the 89th and 459th FTS all left in the early morning including the special.
Taxing to either 07R or 07L with the C-17A preparing for its departure While on Texan lines up on the runway
its colleague taxied to the runway Soon after all the T-6A's had departed the east coast stationed C-17A
Globemaster lined up to depart to its next destination. The CC-150 around sunset.