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Tucson International Airport
Latest update: April 2020
Tucson International Airport is home the Arizona ANG 162nd Fighter Wing. The wing is composed of three squadron. It maintains an alert detachment at nearby Davis Monthan AFB where its 214th reconnaissance group is also stationed.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force through its Netherlands Detachment Tucson Arizona (NDTA) has embedded its F-16 training within the 162nd FW. It therefor activated the 148th FS. The RNLAF F-16's wear the AZ tail code and are applied with a tailband depicting the flags of Arizona and The Netherlands. NDTA has ten RNLAF F-16's assigned equally divided between the F-16AM (single) and F-16BM (dual).
The AATC (ANG/AFRC Test Center) also has F-16's assigned.

162nd Fighter Wing composition:

Command Wing Group Squadron Aircraft Tail code Nickname
ANG 162nd FW   148th FS F-16AM/BM AZ Kickin' Ass
ANG 162nd FW   152nd FS F-16C/D AZ Tigers
ANG 162nd FW   195th FS F-16C/D AZ Warhawks
ANG 162nd FW 214th ATKGR 214th ATKS RC-26B AZ The Black Sheep
ANG 162nd FW 214th ATKGR 214th ATKS MQ-9A   The Black Sheep
ANG     AATC F-16C/D AT  

The 214th Attack Squadron operates from Davis Monthan AGB (MQ-9A) and from Libby Army Airfield, Ft. Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona (RC-26B and MQ-9A).
Photo gallery 162nd Fighter Wing
162nd FW F-16C 195th FS F-16C AATC F-16C
148th FS - NDTA F-16BM    
162nd FW F-16 departing during the early morning.  F-16D departing with a travel pod for a weekend visit?? A flight returning from their mission.
Taxing back to the ramp. 
Special tail markings applied to an F-16C assigned to 195th FS "Warhawks"  Special tail markings applied to an F-16C assigned to 162nd FW.
Photo Gallery visiting aircraft
Both T-6A's from 89th FTS and 459th FTS assigned to the 80th FW stationed at Sheppard AFB, Texas visiting Tucson IAP.
T-6's seen from the aircraft after landing.