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DSCA FMS Approved and actual FMS orders 2018
Latest update: November 2018
DSCA date: Country: Aircraft: New / Reman. Status No. Req. FMS date: No. Ord.
27-11-18 Egypt AH-64E New TBC 10   0
19-10-18 UK CH-47F New TBC 16   0
04-10-18 Canada King Air 350ER New TBC 3   0
  Iraq Bell 407GX New TBC 5   0
13-09-18 South Korea P-8A New TBC 6   0
10-09-18 Japan E-2D New TBC 9   0
03-08-18 Latvia UH-60M New TBC 4   0
12-06-18 India AH-64E New TBC 6   0
04-05-18 Germany C-130J.30 New TBC 3   0
    KC-130J New TBC 3   0
27-04-18 Bahrein AH-1Z New TBC 12   0
19-04-18 Mexico MH-60R New TBC 8   0
05-04-18 Germany MQ-4C New TBC 4   0
04-04-18 Slovakia F-16V New TBC 14   0
  Spain CH-47F New TBC 17   0
21-02-18 Kuwait King Air 350ER "ISR" New TBC 4   0
20-02-18 Netherlands AH-64E Reman. CTR 28   0
18-01-18 Belgium F-35A New TBC 34   0
Total 2018         186   0
New   158
Reman. 28
Used   0
Total   186
DSCA FMS Approved by aircraft type
Aircraft: Country: No. Req. New / Reman.
F-16V Slovakia 14 New
F-35A Belgium 34 New
C-130J Germany 3 New
KC-130J Germany 3 New
King Air 350ER "ISR" Canada 3 New
King Air 350ER "ISR" Kuwait 4 New
E-2D Japan 9 New
MQ-4C Germany 4 New
P-8A South Korea 6 New
AH-1Z Bahrein 12 New
AH-64E Egypt 10 New
AH-64E India 6 New
AH-64E Netherlands 28 Reman.
Bell 407GX Iraq 5 New
CH-47F United Kingdom 16 New
CH-47F Spain 17 New
MH-60R Mexico 8 New
UH-60M Latvia 4 New
Total   186
F-16V (photo Greek AF F-16C).

Slovakia selected the F-16V (also known as F-16 Block 70/72) to replace its current fleet of Mig-29s. Bahrain already ordered the F-16V while Greece and Morocco expressed an interest in the new F-16. The Greek Air Force will remanufacture its aircraft, the Moroccan Air Force would like to buy new aircraft.

F-35A (photo Royal Netherlands AF).

On October 25, 2018 the Belgian minister of defence announced that the F-35A had been selected to replace the F-16s in service. 34 F-35's will be bought.

C-130J.30 USAFE&AFA.

Germany will purchase a mix of C-130J.30 and KC-130J Super Hercules which will be based in France and operated together with the French Air Force.

King Air 350 (photo RAF Shadow R.1) 

Both Canada and Kuwait requested to sale of the Beech King Air 350 with ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) equipment.

E-2C Hawkeye Japanese Air Self Defence Force.

Japan purchased four E-2D Avanced Hawkeye (AHE) Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft. On September 10 the DSCA approved the sale of up to nine additional Hawkeyes. On October 12 Japan announced to purchase these aircraft which will replace the current fleet of E-2C's.

P-8A US Navy.

South Korea will purchase six P-8A Poseidon ASW aircraft following Australia, United Kingdom, Norway and New Zealand who already selected or ordered the sub hunter.

AH-64D Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The new AH-64E Apache Guardian is offered by Boeing Defense as a new helicopter or as remanufactured AH-64D which basically produces a new aircraft (components are used but fuselage and other items are new).

Both India and The Netherlands received approval to buy the AH-64E. India request a direct commercial sale after it already ordered 22 AH-64E's through FMS on September 29, 2015. The Royal Netherlands Air Force will remanufacture its 28 Apaches. The contract between the Dutch MoD and the DSCA was signed on September 14, 2018. Boeing will be awarded the contracted by the US DoD.

CH-47F US Army

Both Spain and the United Kingdom received approval to purchase the CH-47F. The Spanish army will phase out its CH-47D's. The Royal Air Force already operates

Spain has a requirement to replace its current fleet of CH-47D Chinooks with the CH-47F. The Royal Air Force Chinooks will feature additional equipment resembling US Army MH-47's without a refuelling probe. Around 60 Chinooks are operational within the RAF with the oldest dating back to the early 1980s.

MH-60R Seahawk US Navy.

Mexico selected the MH-60R for its Navy. Already operated by its armed forces are the UH-60L and UH-60M Blackhawks.
UH-60M Blackhawk US Army 

Latvia requested to buy four UH-60M's which will replace its Mi-17 helicopters currently in service.