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4th CAB Operation Atlantic Resolve (Jun 2018 - Mar 2019)
Latest update: October 2018
The third US Army Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) Combat Air Brigade (CAB) rotation was assigned to the 4th CAB, 4th Infantry Division based at Fort Carson, Colorado. Its Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters - based at Butts AAF (Fort Carson) Air Field - were flown to the port of Beaumont, Texas to be shipped to the port of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. 4th CAB's Apache from 6/17 CAV arrived later (July 29) and were shipped to Bremerhaven in Germany. Almost all helicopters were flown from the port to Germany staging through Eindhoven Air Base for checks and refuel on June 21st and 22nd.

On July 2, 2018 the 4th CAB officially started it's nine month deployment after the Hand Over / Take Over ceremony took place with the 4th Infantry Division assuming the aviation brigade responsibilities from the 1st Cavalry Division. The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade (1 ACB) helicopters went home the same way they arrived in Europe using the port of Oostende, Belgium.

4th CAB is comprised of the following aviation regiments:

Battalion Aircraft Nickname
A/2-4 GSAB UH-60L Blackjack
B/2-4 GSAB CH-47F Clydesdale
C/2-4 GSAB HH-60M Dustoff
A/3-4 AHB UH-60M Tomahawk
B/3-4 AHB UH-60M Brave
C/3-4 AHB UH-60M Warrior
A/4-4 ARB AH-64D Peacemakers
B/4-4 ARB AH-64D Bushmasters
C/4-4 ARB AH-64D Jokers
A/6-17 CAV AH-64D Aces
B/6-17 CAV AH-64D Blackfoot
C/6-17 CAV AH-64D Crazy

Note: the overview is excluding the brigades headquarter & headquarters and support companies which have also been deployed.

Abbreviation Regiment
ARB Attack Reconnaissance Battalion
AHB Assault Helicopter Battalion
GSAB General Support Aviation Battalion
CAV Cavalry

The official US Army Europe info graphic total 88 deployed helicopters of which 52 Blackhawks (UH-60L/M, HH-60M).

Helicopter Number
Apache (AH-64D) 24
Chinook (CH-47F) 12
Blackhawk (HH-60M) 15
Blackhawk (UH-60L/M) 37
Total 88

The majority of personnel, helicopters and equipment is based in Germany. Forward deployed are about:

Country Helicopter Number
Latvia UH-60 5
Poland UH-60 8
  AH-64 4
Romania UH-60 8
  UH-60 21
  AH-64 8
Photo gallery June 21st and 22nd
The first flight of five UH-60M's arrives at Eindhoven from Rotterdam on the 21st. Later followed by another flight of five
consisting of two CH-47F's and  three medivac HH-60M's. Ramp in the morning of October 22. 
The next flight with UH-60M's arrives   while three UH-60L's are departing to southern Germany.
A two-ship flight of CH-47F Chinooks  arrives for their stop followed by six HH-60M's. 
Time for some noise as four Chinooks  of Bravo company, 2nd Battalion taxi out for their departure
from runway 03.  HH-60M's departing to make room   for colleagues ferrying the last flight of 
the medivac Blackhawks from the port to Eindhoven for checks and refuel.